S1E9: Meetings

After taking would-be hero Astra to one of Proteus’ safe houses, the team begins to decide what to do with her.  There is some debate about whether to accept her as a member of the team, and finally The Protectors call in Sukis.  When he arrives, they catch him up on the situation, and after a brief interview with Sukis at the safe house, he instructs her to come to his downtown office the next morning.

After Astra returns to her home, her telepathic powers pick up a strange presence lurking outside the windows of her penthouse apartment.  Unnerved by this, she makes a mental note to get some increased security in her apartment the next day.

Meanwhile, across town, Proteus has returned to Bowden Island as Blackjack to shake down some information on the attacks at the Jade Palace and the Ballroom earlier that night.  There he encounters Glitch, dressed down as her street-kid identity, Mouse.  Together they find out that Lewis, one of Mouse’s friends, has got himself into big trouble with the Bowden Island Movement, as well as a new gang calling itself The Minute Men.

While Blackjack is waiting just outside, ready to catch Lewis if he uses the fire escape, Mouse goes into the apartment, where a frantic Lewis is packing his bags to flee.  He rants for several moments about a recruiter for the Minute Men named Drucker, before he is shot by a sniper from a suite across the alleyway.

Jumping into action, Blackjack dives into the room where he encounters the sniper fleeing.  When he tries to paralyze the sniper, Blackjack is met with surprising reflexes and combat training, and a glowing disk attached to his chest.  While he pauses to take the disk off, the sniper flees into the hallway.  When Blackjack goes to pursue, the disk, along with two others planted on the walls outside in the hall explode.  Blackjack’s energy absorption takes most of the blast, but the explosion triggers the fire alarms and the buildings tenants begin to evacuate the building.

Mouse, overwrought with grief and anger over Lewis’ death, moves outside to wait for the killer, but after hearing the alarms go off, she races inside.  Her enhanced senses catch him climbing the stairs against the flow of people and heading to the roof, so using her nanite-enhanced strength, she leaps from landing to landing by the outer rails, clambering out to the roof behind him.

On the rooftop, the sniper turns to get a shot off at her, but the bullet ricochets off Glitch’s armour.  Extending her nanites into a whip, she grapples the sniper and begins reeling him to her, but as she does so, he uses his tongue to bite a capsule in his mouth.  Blackjack arrives on the roof, just in time to see the sniper’s form drop lifeless to the ground.

Realizing that he’s died, Mouse drops him, and in a fit of rage goes to smash his head in.  As she does, her nanites shut down, removing her enhanced strength.  Blackjack manages to get her to let go, as police and fire fighters are arriving to deal with the explosion.  Unable to deal with the grief and anger of what has happened, Mouse passes out.  Blackjack, still disguised, drops her off outside the Clubhouse.

The next morning, Sukis meets with most of the Protectors, and after a brief discussion about Astra, the party agrees to let her join.  Sukis follows the discussion up with information that police aren’t certain that the Gideon Ballroom attack was a retaliation, and that possibly the same group was responsible for both attacks.  Sukis asks the party to keep their eyes and ears open for any information on the new players in town.

During the conversation, Sirocco lets slip that Doppler actually uses magic instead of mutant powers.  When Doppler catches up with Sukis after the debriefing, Sukis explains that he and Mercy already knew that Doppler was not a mutant.  Sukis makes it clear that Doppler should be more transparent in the future, but that for now, all is forgiven.

A short while later, Sukis surprises Vivian Belamonte, Astra’s alter-ego, when he shows up to pick her up on the way back to his office.  He has a short interview with her in the car, where he catches her reading his mind by thinking loudly about swerving the car in traffic.  The conversation winds down as they pull into the parkade of the ABT building downtown, but picks up again when they get into Sukis’ office.

There he goes over with her the expectations around being a Protectors member, both in terms of what he provides to the members and the city, and what the Protectors themselves are expected to do.  Vivian agrees and is given directions to meet at the town house address that is the cover location for the Clubhouse.

Back at the Clubhouse, Glitch finally wakes up, her ankle sore from having twisted her ankle during her fall.  Concerned that the nanites haven’t fixed the injury, she hobbles out of her room and is suddenly faced with Gargoyle, who has been anxiously waiting to ask her to the new Captain Danger premiere happening that night.  Glitch deflects the question, suggesting that Gargoyle should ask Sirocco and that Gargoyle, Tech, Glitch and Sirocco can all go together.

After helping get Glitch to the medical bay to get Mercy’s help with her ankle, Gargoyle sneaks off and asks for Sirocco’s help.  After agreeing to help for a future favor, Sirocco dashes off to tell Tech that Glitch can’t make it to the premiere that night, and that he should take her to the movie instead.  Worried about Glitch, Tech dashes off to the medical bay, where he finds out that Gargoyle tried to get Glitch to go out with him instead.  Furious he marches into the hallway where the two get into a small fight.  Sirocco explains to a confused Glitch that both Gargoyle and Tech are competing for her affections, while Mercy goes out into the hall and deals with the problem by separating the two by their ears.  Bringing Tech back in to deal with the nanite problem, Tech reboots the system and announces that it was caused by conflicting orders received by the nanites, and reports that the nanites detected very low levels of electrical activity in the sniper, revealing he was in fact still alive when Glitch left him on the roof.  Glitch explains the events of the night before, and then Tech and Gargoyle agree to take Glitch and Sirocco to the movies together.

Meanwhile, David Weaver, Proteus’ alter-ego, gets a call regarding his security consulting business.  When he arrives to meet the new client, he finds Vivian Belamonte.  Both recognize each other from the night before, and Vivian explains about her unnerving encounter at the end of the evening.  David agrees to help, and is invited to show up at Vivian’s apartment later that night to get a sense of the layout.

Finally, Doppler heads off in the early afternoon to track down his new mentor from the Council of Stars.  Following the directions given, he finds himself at a Native Reserve outside the city, where he learns that Raincaller is one of the local elders.  Raincaller takes him out to the local woods for a hike, where the wizened elder lays out some of the history of the Council, and how it was formed to protect the world from both dangerous magic users as well as mutants.