S1E8: A Call To Arms

While Glitch, Sirocco and Proteus watch a Captain Danger marathon with Simone, in anticipation of the release of the new Captain Danger movie, Doppler heads to his UN office to meet with Andre LeFraine, a member of the Council of Stars.  During this meeting, Doppler reports that while it has been revealed that he is not a mutant, the party does not suspect him of being anything other than who he is.  Doppler also explains that the Protectors are determined to keep Simone safe, and have a plan to lure the Council of Stars into an open confrontation in the Bowden Island slums.  LeFraine agrees to go along with the plan, to help keep Doppler’s connection to the council a secret.

When Doppler returns to the apartment, the team heads out to Bowden Island and with Glitch acting as Simone’s personal guard, Sirocco, Doppler and Proteus keep their distance.  In quick order, Simone and Glitch are confronted and surrounded by four men in suits and wielding canes, demanding that Simone come with them.  As Glitch armours up, Doppler and Proteus jump into action catching the Council knights off guard.  With support from Sirocco, they quickly disable the men.  Before any of his men can become seriously injured, LeFraine steps from the ether and demands the Protectors halt.  After a short discussion, LeFraine agrees to let Simone be under the watchful eye of the Protectors and he and his men disappear back into the night from which they came.

The next day, we follow a young, well-off woman, driving out to The Box.  As she passes through the Security at the entrance, we learn her name is Vivian Belamonte, and as the guard checks her identity on his computers, Vivian spends a moment concentrating, and picks up the guard’s thoughts, noting the man’s eagerness to get to his lunch break.  Vivian is granted entrance and directed to the visitor’s parking and entrance.  Soon, she is sitting in the secured visitor’s booth, patiently waiting, when Bella Hollander is brought out.  She looks tired as she sits in the chair across the glass from Vivian, but when she sees the woman, she seems to perk up.  Picking up the phones to talk, it is quickly revealed that Vivian is Bella’s younger sister.  Bella asks Vivian if she has changed her mind about her plans, warning her once more that what she intends to do is dangerous, and that Bella is afraid Vivian might get hurt.  Vivian assures her sister that everything will be alright, and tells her there is a party that she is going to in the evening, and that if all goes well, Vivian will have taken steps to help make things right again.

Meanwhile at the Clubhouse, Sukis asks Proteus (in his civilian guise of David Weaver) to tag along to the mayor’s office for a meeting.  Their they are surprised to find that The Lady, Maria Genovisi and head of the notorious Genovisi crime family is already at the mayor’s office.  She politely but firmly impresses the idea that the Protectors should be in attendance at a birthday party she is throwing for one of the City Councillors that night.  Mr. Weaver impresses her in his response and she requests his help with providing further security that night.  After she leaves, Sukis complains to the mayor, stating that the Protectors are not intended to be a private security force for the rich and influential.  Mayor Keller agrees, but also points out that since City Hall is helping to fund the project, and since the celebration will include several prominent civic officials, having the Protectors there is well within their mandate to protect the city.  Reluctantly, Sukis agrees to the request, leaving Proteus to figure out how to deal with the situation.

Back at the Clubhouse, Proteus announces the evenings agenda to the team, and after being reminded that Sirocco’s artist persona, Yasmine Anipe, has already been invited to the party, it is decided that Doppler and Glitch will attend the party as Protectors.  David Weaver heads off to meet with The Lady’s personal assistant, Katelynn Heingarde, to firm up security details, and is then invited to the party as a thanks for his efforts.

Later that evening, Yasmine Annipe and David Weaver have both arrived to the party as it’s starting, while Glitch and Doppler in their Protectors suits both arrive fashionably late.  As the party guests are talking, we see Miss Belamonte arrive, dressed to the nines.  Using her power to create illusions, she manifests her name on the guest list before moving quietly onto the floor.  Her attention quickly moves to Glitch and Doppler, keeping her watchful eye on them.

Meanwhile, trying to keep out of sight of the other Protectors, David Weaver has learned that the guards have become distressed about something, and after trying to allay the fears, watches from the balcony rail as a half-dozen gas grenades break through the windows of the ballroom, panicking the guests.

Glitch and Doppler react swiftly, and Yasmine uses her powers to fill her suit with sand and animate it, bringing it from the hiding place she had found across the street.  Miss Heingarde and Lady Genovisi join the escaping crowd, as a seventh gas canister appears in the middle of the room, providing cover for Vivian to change into her new identity, Astra, a spandex and glitter clad figure with a Columbina style half-mask.  Moments later, armed gunmen charge in and begin shooting at the guests.  The heroes and Astra quickly take out the attackers, and when the police arrive a few moments later, to take control of the situation, the Protectors are left to deal with Astra, who confesses to them that she wishes to join their team.