S1E6: Lay Of The Land

It’s the morning before Sirocco’s art gala, and Glitch has discovered that the show’s online tickets have sold out abruptly. Furthermore, the newspapers and magazines who several days before had rejected her requests for coverage, are now calling to make sure their Press Passes would be available.

As she’s trying to get the event organized, Tech and Mercy reveal they may have a way to allow Glitch to modify the nanites in her body, allowing the metal nanites to change from their silvery tone to match her skin tone. When the attempt goes sideways, Glitch ends up with a new face, but the metal replaced her skin now matched with her skin tone. While she is surprisingly accepting of her new appearance, the change catches Proteus and Doppler off guard. After a brief explanation from Tech and Mercy, Glitch informs Proteus that she has arranged for atuxedo fitting for the evening’s entertainment.

Elsewhere in the city, Alexander Sukis has taken Sirroco shopping in an effort to make sure she has some wonderful new clothes for her event. While they are out, Sirroco confides in Sukis that she believes her father is still alive and possibly leading a mutant superiority terroist group in Egypt.

Meanwhile, Proteus and Doppler have been called in to the Box, under the guise of their FBI alter-egos, Max Spade and Sam Spicer. After arriving at The Box, they discover that someone has arranged for Portal, aka Horus Tulford, to be transferred. As men burst in on the brief questioning Proteus gets with Portal, Portal tells Proteus to look into a place called Worthington Hill. Portal gets hauled into a van and driven away. Proteus and Doppler get in their own car and give pursuit, but have to call it off to make it to Proteus’ tux fitting.

Later that evening, the Art Gala is immensely successful, and several city councilors, prominent arts council members, and art reporters people show up. Most surprisingly, is the arrival of both Maria Genovisi and her entourage, and Ming Yuewei and her entourage. Not only are both women wealthy business women, but are highly respected and feared organized crime leaders. Glitch pulls out some surprising skills with organizing the event, including getting one of Ron’s ex-wives to come and cater, and manages the whole evening with grace. By the end of the evening, Sirocco is invited to a birthday celebration that Ms. Genovisi is holding the next week, and commissioned to do an art piece for it

The next morning, Doppler and Sirocco are called in to assist the local police with a mutant named Roach, who had entered into a shootout with them. After a brief struggle, Doppler and Sirocco managed to disable the mutant, who was taken by police to The Box for incarceration.