S1E5: Plot Hole, Part 2

As with the best laid plans, The Protectors’ plan to trap Portal goes awry. The convoy, with Doppler disguised as a guard in the transport truck and Proteus in the cargo box with the medipod, comes under attack on the way to the Protectors’ ambush site. Apparently the previous bidder sent their own team to recover the pod, and using agents already on the security team, Doppler calls in Sirocco and Glitch who are waiting near by. When two of the other guards inside the transport truck turn on Doppler, the ensuing fight in the truck accidentally knocks himself and the traitors in the transport out. Arriving on the scene, Sirocco and Glitch disable the remaining ambushers, but meanwhile Portal has appeared inside the truck. Doppler awakes just in time to see Portal teleport out with the pod container.

Mopping up the badguys, Sirocco and Glitch hear from Proteus who has continued hiding in the container this whole time. After transmitting his coordinates to his team mates and waiting for their backup, Proteus begins listening to what was happening outside the container. Outside the box, Portal’s cohort Killian discovers that someone is waiting in the container. Using his powers, Proteus blows the hinges off the door, surprising Portal and Killian. Finally in position, Sirocco, Glitch and Gargoyle wait to use a neural inhibitor device created by Glitch, Tech and Ron that afternoon. But when Portal teleports himself and Killian to the roof of the next building over and are confronted with Sirocco and Gargoyle waiting for him, a horrible stand-off occurs. Using blades of glass, Sirocco captures Killian when he tried to flee, and holds him hostage. Portal offers to come willingly with the party if Killian is released, but Sirocco’s skepticism causes another clash of wills when Glitch demands Killian’s release. Taking charge of the situation, Proteus accepts Portal’s surrender and Killian is released. The party turns Portal over to the authorities at The Box, and returns to the Clubhouse. Sukis commends them on a job well done, and the party is told to take it easy the next day, and prepare for Sirocco’s art show tomorrow night.