S1E4: Plot Hole, Part 1

Having left the Protectors to deal with Harpy, Proteus heads out as his vigilante alter-ego Blackjack. Patrolling the dangerous streets of Bowden Island, Blackjack discovers that the Iron Dragon Triad has been making deals with the Bowden Island Movement, the local gang. After learning that one of the Triad lieutenants, a violent mutant named Blackout, has been seen down near the old Bowden Island Port, Blackjack finishes his patrol and heads home.

The next day, following their success in capturing the murderess Harpy, the Mayor of the city has had the Police Commissioner issue police badges to the Protectors. Back at the Clubhouse, tensions continue to mount between Sirocco and Glitch over Sirocco’s use of her powers in throwing an unprepared Glitch at Harpy in the fight from the previous night. Meanwhile, Doppler and Proteus (called in under his FBI alter-ego, Max Spade) have been tasked with investigating a strange break-in at a small time technical design company. After discovering the theft was performed by an industrial espionage master who is capable of creating holes in space and calling himself Portal, Doppler and Proteus return to get help from the rest of the party.

When they return to the Clubhouse, Proteus discovers that Glitch is ready to leave, having become fed up with Sirocco’s refusal to apologize. Proteus takes some time to connect with Glitch and practice some of his leadership skills, while Doppler discussed the issue with Sirrocco. Managing to smooth out their conflict, the ladies finaly agree to join the search for Portal.

Doing some investigating of her own, Glitch discovers that the tech company that was robbed was a secret subsidiary of Legacy Industries, and that they were working on a secret targeting chip for Legacy, the very information that was stolen from the labs by Portal.

Deciding to set a trap for Portal, they convince Sukis to transport one of his medipods with Doppler posing as one of the security guards while Proteus was hiding inside the container with a tracking device. Sukis agrees and Glitch contacts Portal’s digital handler, Killswitch. However, upon contacting Portal and his handler they discover that someone already hired him to hijack the pod. After providing a better offer, the team convinces him to take the job and set up their plan to ambush Portal.