S1E3: Sing For Your Supper

The Protectors head off to Twister and Hardcore’s apartment to search for information on the mysterious man who was helping the duo. Arriving before the police, the heroes search for evidence and discover the envelope that Hardcore mentioned during the investigation. After taking it to Tech for analysis, and discovering a single fingerprint on the inside of it, the heroes are surprised to discover the print comes from a newly deceased criminal defense lawyer. Deciding to take up the case, the Protectors, with Alex’s unofficial backing, start looking into who the mysterious deaths of two people.

Accessing their police resources, their search leads them to a video of the moments before the lawyer’s death inside the night club he was found near, revealing a beautiful and seductive woman. Embedded in the video is a strange vibration, causing males to become fascinated with her. Realizing that two of the team are now dangerously unreliable in facing this threat, the ladies get themselves ready for a night out. Meanwhile, Proteus has been called away for a business matter, and Doppler preps himself by learning how to cancel out her song.

Finally ready, Glitch, Sirocco and Doppler hit the Trident Club where the lawyer was found. After mingling with the crowd and promoting a new art show by Sirocco’s new secret identity, they get a single name from the lawyer’s friends: Bella.

Leaving the club, the team learns the woman they have nicknamed Harpy has just struck again, this time killing the newly released drug dealer, Axel Wilcox. The party arrives in time to help the police set up a perimeter, and Doppler and Sirocco find the killer on a nearby rooftop. Clearly a troubled young woman, Harpy flees after failing to take control of Doppler. The party quickly knocks the woman unconscious when she tries to fly away, and in an effort to prevent her from dying, Sirocco uses her power to throw Glitch off the rooftop.  After falling several stories through a small apartment Glitch finally lands, and thanks to her nanotech armour both she and Harpy are safe.  The police take over and Harpy is escorted to the medical facilities at the box.

The next morning, a debriefing by Alex reveals she was a young woman working as a legal secretary for the lawyer’s firm. She is cooperating with authorities, and has revealed to them the legally questionable practices of her former employers.