S1E2: Twist and Shout

It has been two weeks since the heroes have been recruited by Sukis, and much of it has been spent moving into the new rooms offered at the Clubhouse. While Glitch and Doppler have accepted the new rooms, Sirocco has chosen to stay in her workshop/loft, while Proteus has decided to stay in his condo near Harbor-front.

The team has been presented with the prototype suits; stylish black padded leather outfits and helmets with tinted faceplates and a heads up display. They have also been introduced to the Training Room, a holographic projection room created by Tech and Ron. After Glitch experiences frightening first round in the simulation, Tech redesigns the helmets to include a HUD that more resembles the video games she so often plays. The team gets in several more runs, with much greater success and finally they get their first call. Sukis summons them to the Briefing room, and explains that the heroes have been summoned to deal with their first real powered threats: Hardcore and Twister. Twister, a mutant who has the capacity to twirl at high speeds and convert his hands into blades, and Hardcore, a former lacky in the Bowden Island Movement with superstrength and resilience, have been robbing jewelry stores downtown, but were blocked off by police.

After a quick briefing on the situation, the party arrives on the scene to find the two villains have made a small barricade of cars in the middle of the street, keeping the Pacifica City Police Department at bay. Following a brief parlay, Twister and Hardcore attack, with an opening barrage of what seems like extraordinarily coordinated attacks. With his ability to manipulate sound, Doppler is able to figure out that the two of them have small radios in their ears and are being directed by an off-site ally. As the fight quickly turns sour for the villains, their mysterious ally logs off, leaving the bad guys hung out to dry.

Not willing to miss the chance to follow up, our heroes use Tech’s help to go over the footage of the fight to see where the the man on the radio might have been, and discover small transmitters attached to the security cameras outside the jewelry shops where the fight occurred. When Tech calls the police who are on scene to collect the boxes, he discovers they are missing.

After pretending to go to lunch to discuss the fight, Proteus, Doppler and Glitch head off to The Box, an Omega Level prison meant to house powered individuals, to interrogate. Using her own tech skills, Glitch helps her two companions pass as FBI agents there to interrogate the newly arrived Hardcore and Twister. Under the guise of Agents Max Spade and Sam Spicer and unimpeded by security, Proteus and Doppler, question Hardcore, who quickly admits that he knows nothing about the man on the radio and that the radios arrived to him and his partner from an unknown source.

Back at the diner where Glitch is managing their infiltration, Gargoyle shows up, eager to hang out with his new friends and heroes. Glitch does her utmost best to hide what she’s doing from the teen, concerned that he might let Sukis know that they were doing. Finally, Proteus and Doppler arrive at the diner, where Gargoyle reveals that he could hear the interrogation, and wanted in on the action. After a brief conversation, the heroes decide they need to know more.

Who is this man on the radio?

How did he know about the superheroes?

What does this all mean?

Stay tuned for more….