S1E16: 72 Hours, Part 2

The morning after the riot in front of City Hall, Sirocco wakes up in the Med Bay. She is groggy and a little unclear about what exactly happened. After Mercy checks her out and clears her, Sirocco walks carefully into the hallway. There she sees Proteus and Gargoyle, out of costume and watching something with amused fascination outside the briefing room. She walks up to them and begins to speak when Gargoyle turns to her and motions for her to be quiet. Proteus gestures into the room with the coffee mug he is holding, and Sirocco’s gaze follows to find Doppler at the far end of the room, surrounded by opened files, piles of paper, maps, and notes. He pours over them again and again, mumbling quickly to himself as he does. When Sirocco asks the other two what he’s doing, they admit that they have no real idea, but that he had been doing it all night. Proteus steps just inside the room to show that Doppler has also turned off all the sound other than his own voice.

Sirocco scolds the two men with a glower then marches into the room. She forcefully packs up the folders and turns Doppler out of the room, passing him off to Gargoyle with instructions to put him to bed.

Together with Proteus, she then begins to clean up Doppler’s mess of notes, while she apologizes to Proteus about losing control the day before. She admits to not really remembering much of what happened, apart from being really angry and fighting him. Proteus explains to her that she was affected by one of the people at the rally, and that she shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Once they have things cleaned, Sirocco heads out. As Proteus follows he is met by Gargoyle on the way back from Doppler’s quarters.

Gargoyle brings up the news that Glitch has left the team, and takes the opportunity to ask to take her place. After much hesitation, Proteus concedes that an extra set of hands could be helpful, with the caveat that Gargoyle is not to engage enemies with anything other than his bow.

Later that evening, Tech manages to find Hatemonger while scanning through the city’s CCTV security camera network. The Protectors are shocked to discover that Hatemonger is leading a particularly aggressive anti-mutant march down Bowden Street, the main thoroughfare for Bowden Island. With new suits, and some extra protection courtesy of Mercy and Tech, the team heads out to stop the protesters before a second riot breaks out, with Sirocco and Proteus on Sirocco’s sand disc, and Doppler on Gargoyle’s back.

When they arrive, Hatemonger’s protesters have begun engaging in property destruction swinging bats and torches at vehicles and windows, while shouting offensive remarks about mutants. Doppler’s keen ears also pick up news reporters from several different news stations nearby, reporting on the incident.

Sirocco and Proteus set down in the midst of the protesters nd begin dispatching them, silenced by Doppler. However Hatemonger is prepared and has his people disperse around the street while he takes on the Protectors.

Up in the air, Doppler’s hearing picks up a sound. Turning his attention to it, he and Gargoyle see another mob further up the street, this time made of angry residents of Bowden Island. He signals Gargoyle to the street, hoping to cut off the new mob.

After a short fight with Hatemonger, Proteus manages to use his paralyzing touch, and end the fight. Unfortunately, the villain has already spotted the mob at the far end of the street. While Sirocco has been trying to contain Hatemonger’s minions, one of them has escaped and run towards the other mob. He manages to ignite the gas tank of a car across the street from Doppler, and when the car explodes, Gargoyle throws himself in front of Doppler, as the blast throws them both to the ground. Doppler is mostly unharmed by the blast, however the exploding vehicle has left Gargoyle unconscious on top of Doppler, who struggles to get out.

With their anger heightened by Hatemonger’s power, and further enraged by the violent explosion, the Bowden island residents surge forward to engage Hatemonger’s minions. Seeing the mob, the minions charge forward in return, clashing violently.

Watching nearby, Proteus is taunted by Hatemonger, who attempts to use his enraging powers on both Sirocco and Proteus. When Proteus begins to succumb, Sirocco begins using the things he’s taught her to help him resist the anger building inside. Sirocco encases Hatemonger in glass and sand, and places him up on one of the nearby roofs to get him away from the scene. Proteus runs down the street, but the minions and residents are already fighting. One of the minions strikes a resident across the face, and the resident’s eyes start glowing. As he looks back to the minion that struck him, and the glow in his eyes turns into a massive blast of heat and light, incinerating the minion from the waist up, before streaking off and and up. The blast strikes a corner unit in one of the apartment buildings on the street, and moments later the unit explodes. Everyone watches as the fire creates several smaller explosions.

As the person responsible realises what he’s done, he turns to leave, but bumps into Doppler, who has struggled free from under Gargoyle. He holds the man firmly, and sees the blood on is hands as he does so. He looks over to where he left Gargoyle, and sees a number of shards of broken metal and glass embedded in the teen’s back. Police, firetruck, and ambulance sirens are heard, as the mob’s attention quickly turns from the minions, to rescuing those in the apartment and nearby buildings.