S1E15: 72 Hours, Part 1

The episode opens with several close shots of Glitch packing her most dear belongings from her room at the Clubhouse.  Carefully she places the things that fit into a backpack.  In a voice over, you hear her and Gargoyle talking.

“I can’t do this anymore. It’s not what I thought it would be.”

“Where are you going to go?”

“I’m going home. Maybe my dad can do something to help.”

“What should I tell the others?”

“Tell them… tell them thank you, and… I’m sorry for not saying goodbye.”

The camera cuts to a shot of the outside of the town house that leads into the Clubhouse.  It is just before dawn.  Glitch looks over her shoulder as she leaves, then pulls her hood up before she continues on her way.

A montage of Protectors watches beeping on Sirocco, Doppler, and Proteus, followed by small shots of them getting ready and meeting in the Machine Shop, where Ron and Tech are waiting for them.  When they’ve all arrived, Tech excitedly explains that he, Ron, and Glitch have found a way to utilize and modify some of Glitch’s nanites, and created new suits for the team.  They are each offered a new comm-watch, and instructed to press the bottom button.  As each does so, a wave of nanites climbs their bodies and overlays their new suits, sleek and flexible metal to replace the cumbersome black suits they started with.  When Proteus asks where Glitch is to thank her, he learns that she has been working day and night on these new suits and is probably crashed asleep in her bedroom.  Deciding to let her sleep, he tells Doppler and Sirocco to prep for the morning rally outside city hall.

Outside City Hall, the scene is extremely tense.  Rally supporters hold signs like “Who will protect us from the Protectors”  and “Mutants ARE the threat”, and hunker close to the speaker’s’ podium set up outside the City Hall.  Beyond them, held at bay by a barricade of wooden horses and a police cordon, counter-protesters yell and scream at the protestors, and carry pro-mutant signs of their own.

On the roof of a nearby building, the Protectors watch, and Sirocco is visibly strained by the situation.  She looks to Proteus for reassurance, and he shows her the syringe of sedative she retrieved the afternoon before.

Below them, the President of the Human Safety Society and organizer of the rally, Preston Woodburn steps up to the podium, and begins a speech about justice.  As he does, several protesters begin arguing with counter-protesters, a verbal argument seething with rage.  Finally, one of the counter-protesters hits a protestor across the face with a sign, and a full on brawl erupts, spreading quickly as counter-protesters surge past police and into the crowd of protesters.  Above, Sirocco and the others witness the outbreak of violence, and without hesitation Sirocco descends into the brawl, hoping to try and bring some semblance of calm to the situation.  Proteus instructs Doppler to stay on the roof, and see if he can find a way to stop the violence from up there.

Down below, as Sirocco tries to grapple with several of the brawlers, she begins having flashbacks to the mob in Cairo, and quickly her fear is overwhelmed by rage.  As Proteus lands, the ground begins to shake, and in moments, sand, dust, and glass fragments begin swirling in through the streets, solidifying around Sirocco until she is nothing but a sand monster.  Enraged as she is, the sand monster begins thrashing the nearby brawlers.  Using his energy powers to augment his jump, Proteus leaps and lands in front of the Sand Beast, trying to talk Sirocco down.  As some glimmer of sense begins to cut into her, Sirocco struggles to regain her senses only to find the rage assault her reasoning.  The Sand Beast strikes Proteus, sending him back through the crowd.  Proteus absorbs the damage from the strike, and manages to land on his feet.

Meanwhile, up on the roof, Doppler has been trying to keep an eye on the melee, and realizes that the combat has a sort of outer edge, and that the closer in it gets, the more out of control people seem to be, as the brawlers now include the police who are meant to be helping.  Doppler traces the epicenter of the riot to the protestor who was originally struck, a bald, white man who looks like he is enjoying the violence a little too much.

Back on the ground, Proteus tries to stick several punches onto the Sand Beast, only to find that the sand provides too much protection to be able to affect or deter Sirocco.  In a desperate final bid, he pulls out the sedative they prepared.  Charging his empty hand with kinetic energy, he leaps forward and thrusts his open palm into the sand, using the energy to push apart the swirling silicate.  He follows up quickly with the syringe in the other hand, flooding Sirocco’s body with the powerful injection.  The Sand Beast strikes Proteus once more, sending him staggering back several paces, but begins to succumb quickly to the sedative, the sand pouring off and around Sirocco as she lowers to the ground, finally asleep pile of sand that had encased her.

Up above, Doppler tries to get several of his sonic attacks off at the protestor who is the seeming origin of the rage, but with so many other contestants in the brawl, has a tough time actually hitting him.  As more police begin arriving on scene, some people begin fleeing from the scene, including the originator of the riot, escaping while Doppler and Proteus are engaged with checking on Sirocco.  Gargoyle arrives to take Sirocco back to the Clubhouse to recover, while Proteus and Doppler stay behind to help the police and paramedics deal with the remaining rioters.

Later, back at The Clubhouse, Sirocco slowly comes around, and becomes aware of what she’s done.  As Proteus enters the room to check on her, she quickly confronts him about her actions, eager to know if anyone is seriously injured.  Though Proteus assures her that there were no fatalities, this seems to do little to assuage her guilt and shame. Proteus leaves her to recuperate and returns to the briefing room where he and Doppler have been sifting through news footage of the riot, trying to figure out what happened.  Abruptly, Tech comes running in with his tablet in hand and informs the two that he has been working with the police, and they have identified the bald man at the riot as one Jeffery Carmichael, a known recluse and anti-mutant sympathizer.  He also shows his teammates a recording of Sirocco’s brain activity recorded by the new suit and explains that the part of the brain responsible for anger and adrenaline production went into overload, sending her, and all the other people affected, into an uncontrolled rage.  He also explains that he thinks he might be able to form a counter-measure to the effect, helping to protect against the man he has dubbed Hatemonger.

Deciding it’s finally time to go and check on Glitch, Proteus heads down to her room, only to discover that it has been packed clean, and Glitch is nowhere to be seen.  On his way back up to the Briefing Room, he encounters Alex Sukis coming down from the townhouse, who calls Proteus over.  After mentioning that Glitch seems to have disappeared, Proteus is informed by Sukis that she has left the Protectors and returned home to her parents.  Sukis passes along Glitch’s message of thanks, and reassures Proteus that it had nothing to do with him, simply that the hero lifestyle didn’t really suit Glitch.

The camera cuts to a run down apartment, as the door swings open.  Hoisting large duffle bag over one shoulder, and carrying the other, The Mysterious Man enters, a cell phone wedged between his shoulder and his ear.  He is now bald, with light blue eyes, and wearing an old black t-shirt and beat up jeans.

“Yes, I know that you’re waiting for me to do something about the Bowden Island Movement.  Believe me, I’m right in the middle of sorting that out.”  He pauses to listen while dropping the shoulder-hoisted bag in a small kitchen.  He see him kneel to unzip it, but do not get to see the contents yet.  As he moves over to a window, he looks down on a run down looking street, lit up by street lights.  He pulls the curtains closed as he begins to speak again.

“Yes I understand the, heh, time constraints, you’re under.  Trust me, in another 48 hours, you won’t have to worry about the Bowden Island Movement interfering with your little war on the Genovisi.  The Minute Men can move in as planned.”  He drops the second bag on the floor and kneels to unzip it.  The camera moves over his shoulder to show a bag full of an assortment of small firearms.  “I trust that you will be ready to receive my shipment Monday morning?”  He picks up one of the Sub-machine guns, loads it and tosses it onto a shabby looking couch. “Good. Well then, I believe that’s all we have to discuss Jack.  Have a lovely evening.  Oh, and you may want to stay off Bowden Island for the next night or two.  Things are about to get interesting.”  He hangs up the phone and looks over to the bag in the kitchen.  As the camera moves in, the audience can now see the bag is stocked with ammo boxes and several grenades.