S1E13: Wound Up

Several days after the Warehouse shootout, the Protectors are called in to break up a gun battle in China Town.  After arriving on scene, they discover a handful of Genovisi men, and with two mutants from the Bowden Island Movement firing upon the Szechuan restaurant owned by Chung Xiwan (AKA Blackout).  During the fight, one of the mutants, a hyper-regenerative, detonates a grenade in the middle of the street, while a rocket launched from the restaurant goes astray and impacts a nearby apartment building.  The Protectors respond quickly to prop up the building, and are aided by the other mutant on the scene, Steel Rod (an enhanced strength character), in getting everyone out.  As a result of the rescue efforts, all of the people in the restaurant escape, and the Genovisi men and the two mutants are arrested.  Steel Rod’s arrest, despite his tremendous help in securing the building, leaves a sour taste in Sirocco’s mouth.

Several days later, the team gets their promised visit and tour of the Box, the Omega prison that houses all the powered threats faced by the city, and some of the neighboring states.  While there, they are introduced to the warden, a hard-nosed man who runs a tight, clean ship, so to speak, and met with Doctor Slater, who runs the  Rehabilitation Ward of the prison.  Moving deeper into the prison layers, the party discovered that the inner layers have a gas of some sort that negates and weakens mutant powers, subduing the mutant population in the prison and making them less violent.

Early the next morning while Glitch and Doppler were on patrol, a human using some sort of ice making and manipulating gauntlets started freezing the streets, calling out the Protectors to do battle with him.  Azra, who was nearby after coming out of Mosque, decided to get in on the action by forming a suit of armor from the glass and sand on the street.  Though the battle ended quickly, a damning remark about mutants from the ice villain, calling himself Doctor Frost, resulted in a violent outburst from Azra, and her actions were recorded and quickly uploaded online.  Aware of who she was under the green glass armor, Doppler made a public show of letting her go with a warning, something some members of the press, and other anti-mutant groups, took great offense to.

A debriefing back at The Clubhouse left Proteus to deal with a troubled Azra.  While a short sparring match in the Training Room gave them time to discuss her outlook on life, and provide some clarity to the feelings she was experiencing, it didn’t do much to allay her fears of humans, and worse, her fears of herself.

Deciding to try and change the way she interacts with the normal world, Azra does some shopping and picks up some clothes emulating the only other young woman she knows: Mouse.  After a short wander through Bowden Island’s main streets, she finds herself entering a noisy video game arcade hosting a Dance Step Revolution competition.  Unbeknownst to Azra, Mouse has derailed the patrol she and Doppler were supposed to be on to make an appearance and support one of her friends from the island, who is competing in the competition.  After narrowly avoiding an embarrassing encounter with Mouse, Azra escapes outside to the alleyway.  Suddenly the sound of gunfire is heard from a nearby apartment building.