S1E11: Take Two

After waking up from a precognitive nightmare, Gargoyle goes about making some big changes to stymie the events of his dream.  He informs his father of the horrible events, and tells Sukis to reject Astra’s membership request, hoping this will keep her off the radar of The Monster.

Also, being armed with the knowledge of how his efforts to take Mouse on a date fared last time, he tries to alter that two, resulting in a confrontation with Tech anyways, and Mouse’s surprise revelation of being a lesbian.  It is suggested that the Tech, Gargoyle, Mouse and Sirocco go to the movie, and Doppler agrees to chaperone the event.

The rest of the day progresses quietly, except that David Weaver is contacted by Katelyn Heingarde, the personal assistant to Lady Maria Genovisi, about improving security for the mansion.  While the others are out watching the new Captain Danger movie, David and Katelyn enjoy a quiet dinner, where she reveals that there was a hit-man who worked for Maria’s father many years before, who used clockwork armor similar to the automatons David saw at the waterfront shoot-out the week before.  The two wrap up dinner and return to David’s for a nightcap.

Shortly after midnight, the team gets called in to deal with an anonymous tip that a speedster mutant will be staging a heist along Antique Row, and so they plan an ambush for the would be criminal.

Just as before, Warhead shows up to rob the antique stores, but this time is met with the more than ready Protectors.  After a short lived fight, Proteus convinces the young man to stand down and he is arrested by police arriving on scene and taken to The Box for processing.

While the police are managing the scene, Doppler and Sirocco find themselves wandering into the darkened shop of Joseph Aaronson, and Sirocco is once more fascinated with the carved scarab he has under glass.  While the two are talking about the scene being somehow familiar, neither of them can quire put a finger on why.  As they head out, the camera zooms in on the display case behind the counter, where the glass has been broken and the same mystical journal from before has been stolen once again.

Back at The Clubhouse, as everyone is winding down, Gargoyle asks to talk to Proteus alone.  After Doppler sets up a sound bubble to keep their conversation private, even blocking out himself, Gargoyle asks Proteus about his knowledge of The Monster, Al-Wahsh.  Deeply unnerved by Gargoyle’s own knowledge of this individual, Proteus in turn confronts gargoyle about what he knows, and overwhelmed, Gargoyle explains that he can sometimes see glimpses of a person’s future, and that when trying to do so with Astra the night before, touched on some other sort of precognitive power that let him glimpse more than usual.  Seeing Astra’s impending demise, he began trying to change things to keep her safe, and explained that The Monster seemed to be waiting for another confrontation with Proteus.  Protues thanked Gargoyle for the news, and agreed to keep Gargoyle’s secret power a secret.