S1E10: Catching Up

David Weaver (aka Proteus) arrives at Vivian’s home (aka Astra) and after checking over the place he discovers claw marks and scratches outside the window where Vivian sensed something, indicating there is some truth to what she says.  When David asserts that he will get right on the necessary adjustments to the home, Vivian expresses her discomfort with being left in her home by herself for the evening.  Unsure how to proceed, David takes her back to the Clubhouse and gives her a tour of the facilities there, suggesting that there are rooms for her if she would be more comfortable there.  Doppler, being the only other person in the downstairs of the Clubhouse, uses his powers to listen in on the two as they make their way around the base.  Vivian finally decides that she isn’t comfortable spending the night in this strange place, and David reluctantly agrees to let her stay at his place.  Not surprisingly, the building sexual tension between the two breaks, and David and Vivian end up sleeping together.  Later that night, David wakes and stares out the windows, looking over the city as he finds himself reminiscing about his final mission with Project Wildcard, and how his team was brought low by a remarkable terrorist known as Al-Wahsh, or The Monster.

A short while earlier, Tech, Mouse, Sirocco, and Gargoyle enjoyed the first showing of the new Captain Danger movie, and had a strangely enjoyable double-date-not-a-date before heading back to the Clubhouse.

Early the next morning, the team is assembled by Tech, who informs them that a speedster broke into a half a dozen antique shops and stole a number of valuables before making off.  Partnering up, Proteus and Gargoyle (excited to be part of the team) decide to check with a contact Proteus has in the Iron Dragon Triad.  Tracking down Chung Xiwan, the Triad member known more commonly as Blackout, who fought with Blackjack/Proteus the previous week at the Bowden Island Docks, Proteus and Gargoyle head to the Szechuan restaurant the man runs in China Town.  When they get there, Xiwan agrees to meet them in his office, where Proteus explains they need information.  Although Xiwan does not respond well to the veiled threats that Proteus lays down, he does agree to help them, offering to provide information in exchange for a favour later.  Proteus agrees reluctantly, stipulating that the favour asked must be of a similar nature.

Meanwhile, Doppler and Sirocco are investigating the crime scene, looking for clues as to why the speedster was hitting antique shops.  Using a newly acquired spell to detect magical presences from Raincaller, Doppler notices that one of the shops sells mildly magical antiques and items.  Several items, including a magical diary, have gone missing from the shop, and when Doppler inquires about the book, he discovers from the shop owner that he was in the process of selling the journal and had several buyers lined up for it.  While Doppler investigated the shop, Sirocco became enamoured with an ancient carving of an Egyptian scarab that the shop owner had on display, and agrees to fix the shop keeper’s broken glass and do a piece of art for the shop keeper’s son-in-law to pay for the scarab.  Their investigation complete, they head back to the Clubhouse.

While the rest of the team was out following up on the speedster, Tech has begun Astra’s training in the Training Room.  When Mouse arrives to watch and help, Tech reveals to her that the preliminary tests are to test Astra’s stress responses, and when Astra avoids all the attackers by coming into the control room, Tech gets frustrated.  He tells her to go back into the room, and instead she projects an illusion that she has done so.  While Tech is watching Astra ward off multiple “ninjas” at an extremely high difficulty, Mouse, whose nanites seem to provide a level of resistance to Astra’s mental powers, objects to the manipulation of her friend’s mind.  Astra shuts down the illusion, and confused by the whole thing, Tech decides to take a break.  Astra uses the opportunity to head out to shop and take a break of her own.  Little does she know at that she has picked up a follower in her excursion.

When the party converges on the Clubhouse once more to report back, in the middle of the debriefing Sirocco gets a call from Joseph Aaronson, the magic shop owner.  He informs her that when he went to call one of the dealers he was looking at selling the journal to, he discovered that the police were there and that the dealer was dead.  Aaronson explained that for several weeks, he had been working with a proxy for the dealer named Alan Wash instead of the dealer directly.  He suspects that the proxy may have hired the speedster to steal the tome.

Moments later, they get a call from the new FBI agent assigned to Powered Threats in Pacifica City, informing them that the police had located a truck with most of the stolen goods in the back, in an alleyway some blocks down the street from where the robberies took place.  When the party arrives, they are introduced to Agent James Pollack, the FBI agent who notified them of the truck.  While they search over the site, Proteus gets a call from Chung Xiwan informing him that the speedster had reached out to several fences for the triad, and that Xiwan had arranged for the buyers to not show up to the meeting, leaving the Protectors open to catch the speedster.

Back at the Clubhouse, Astra finishes her training for the day and Tech sends her home.  When the driver service shows up, someone new is behind the wheel, and before Astra can escape, he gasses her and drives off.

The party sets out to surveil the warehouse where the deal is supposed to be made, setting an ambush for the speedster, whose name they have learned is Warhead.  Proteus and Doppler decide to go disguised as the would-be buyers, while Sirocco and Glitch wait to ambush him.  When Warhead finally shows up with the merchandise to sell, Sirocco and litch spring into action, while Doppler and Proteus dash outside to change into their Protector’s uniforms.  Up on the roof, Sirocco has an unpleasant experience with a taser before a third party slides silently into the warehouse.  While Glitch wrestles with Warhead, Proteus sees a startling connection outside, realizing that Alan Wash is quite possibly Al-Wahsh, the Monster from some years before.  Proteus and Doppler hurry back in in time to see a stranger pluck the journal out of the bag of goods Warhead had.  Before any of them can make a move on the figure though, he draws a cell phone from his pocket and turns it on, sliding it across the floor.  When he speaks, Proteus’ worst fear is confirmed, and the Monster explains that if they want to stop him, they have to give up something else.  The screen of the phone displays Astra, captive with some sort of device tied to her chest.  Promising to put an end to him, Proteus watches furiously as The Monster dashes out the door of the warehouse.  Desperately, the Protectors climb into their car and drive off across town to the abandoned home that Astra is tied up in, arriving in time to watch the last vial of poison sliding into her body.  Taking her back to the Clubhouse using their emergency sirens, the wailing of the siren turns suddenly to the beeping of an alarm, and back at his room in the Clubhouse, Gargoyle awakes from a nightmare…