S1E1: Welcome to the Clubhouse

A diverse group of super-powered individuals are approached by a stranger calling himself Alexander Sukis, and offered a chance to be a part of a super-hero team, the first of it’s kind in Pacifica City. After much initial suspicions, the members are invited to meet at a townhouse, where they discover that the collection of houses are all owned by Sukis and act as a front for his new team, The Protectors.

Sukis explains to them that he is working with the support of both the local and state governments, and that if the team is successful, there could be more teams like them set up around the country. Afterward, the motley crew of would-be heroes are introduced to several other members of the team, who act as support, including “Tech”, the resident computer and programming expert; Ron, a mechanical genius and surprisingly good in the kitchen, Gargoyle, a mutant with some extreme physical mutations and Mercy, the resident doctor at the Clubhouse.

After being shown around, the heroes are left to consider their choice, and begin their training…