Episode Guide

Season One: Gangland Parade

Episode 14: In Times Gone By
The episode picks up several days before, with David Weaver dawning his Blackjack persona after getting off shift with the Protectors.  We follow him through several encounters with various street scum and criminal mooks, as he searchs out the identity and location of the Minute Men, and their mysterious recruiter known as James Drucker, or sometimes more ominously as Ghoul.  For all the beatings he dishes out, he learns very little, save to hear that Ghoul and his men have gone underground, preparing something big.  Finally, Blackjack gets a break, and a member of the homeless that provides information to him informs him that Ghoul and his men showed up at a warehouse in the Northshore Industrial District, just across the river from Bowden Island. He tells Blackjack of the large crates that Ghoul and his men were shipping, and how Ghoul himself seemed to answer to “a kid in a fancy brown suit” who drove off before the whole thing was done.
Looking for more answers, Blackjack heads off to the warehouse, where he discovers two men dressed as hobos, who are actually disguised guards for the Minute Men.  While they deny knowing or having met Drucker, they explained they worked for a guy named Donnie, who ran drugs on Bowden Island.  After leaving the guards for the police to find, Blackjack returns to Bowden Island.  At the address he was given, he crashes dramatically into a cocaine den, throwing around the men inside like rag dolls, while they struggle in vain to stop him with a mix of small firearms, shotguns, and automatics.  Although one of the men escaped, Blackjack manages to catch the leader of the crew, Donnie.
Nearby, Azra, just fresh from her failure to blend in at the video game arcade,  reforges a fresh set of glass armour, donning what the media has dubbed her “Glass Cannon” disguise.  Projecting herself with her powers through the thin brick wall of the apartment where Blackjack is holding up Donnie’s crew, she rises to her feet to find herself faced with the notorious Blackjack.  Meanwhile, the escaped member manages to run screaming into the Arcade, alerting Doppler and Mouse of the incident outside.  Rushing to the scene of the incident, they arrive to find Azra swooning at meeting the mighty Blackjack, and Blackjack himself escaping through a window after getting the info he needs from Donnie. After some brief threats from Doppler, Donnie gives up the information he shared with Blackjack, before walking free to meet with his contact, as he has been instructed to.
The next morning at the debriefing, the others fill Proteus in on the night’s events, and Doppler grows suspicious as he begins to hear similarities between Blackjack’s voice and Proteus’. Doppler suggests having the team stake out the meet in several days, hoping to catch both Blackjack and the mysterious Ghoul. Proteus agrees, and the team parts ways.  Almost right away, Sirocco and Proteus get called in to help with a hostage situation, where the perpetrator requested to deal with the Protectors.  Arriving on scene, they learn that he has taken some 27 people hostage on one of the subway trains from that morning, and cuffed them all inside the train at the end of an abandoned tunnel.  After a brief discussion, Proteus decides to head down the tunnel alone, with Sirocco near by in case he needs her help.  After heading down the tunnel, he finds the hostage taker, dressed as the train driver, with a laptop and data cord connected to an electrical box in the tunnel.  The driver reveals suspiciously detailed information about Proteus, and reveals himself to be the mysterious man who the Protectors were earlier investigating.  The Mysterious Man explains that Proteus and his companion have enough time to rescue all 27 people before the bombs go off, but at the cost of having to let The Mysterious Man get away. The man also warns them that he has a special detonator attached to his chest, and that any physical violence that comes his way would activate the bombs, and bombs on three buses. Reluctantly, Proteus lets the man leave, as Sirocco and he move quickly to release the hostages.  Proteus uses his powers to absorb energy to reduce the effect of the blast, and giving the hostages and Sirocco more time to escape.  After everyone is safe, Sirocco and Proteus realize the man ditched the driver’s uniform, and the “bomb vest” he was wearing and escaped disguised as one of the escaping passengers.  Taking the bomb vest back to The Clubhouse for analysis, Glitch and Ron inform them that the vest is an elaborately designed piece of flashy equipment that does nothing, heightening Proteus’ frustration and outrage over this man, whom he and Sirocco have now dubbed Jack, due to his penchant for calling everyone he deals with “Jack”.
Back on patrol, Sukis touches base with Proteus about contacting the Transit Authority in the city about what might have been in the abandoned tunnel, and to check in with Proteus about his plans to deal with the protest the next day, decrying the Protectors and rise in mutant-related violence in the city.
This leads to an intense conversation with Sirocco about the protest, where she reveals to Proteus her fears of both attending and not attending the protest.  Afraid innocent people, and quite possibly her friends, may die if either of those scenarios play out, Sirocco has a virtual panic attack.  Taking his role as leader as seriously as he does, Proteus talked her though, and agreed that the Protectors would find a way to have an unobtrusive presence at the event, to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Episode 13: Wound Up
Several days after the Warehouse shootout, the Protectors are called in to break up a gun battle in China Town.  After arriving on scene, they discover a handful of Genovisi men, and with two mutants from the Bowden Island Movement firing upon the Szechuan restaurant owned by Chung Xiwan (AKA Blackout).  During the fight, one of the mutants, a hyper-regenerative, detonates a grenade in the middle of the street, while a rocket launched from the restaurant goes astray and impacts a nearby apartment building.  The Protectors respond quickly to prop up the building, and are aided by the other mutant on the scene, Steel Rod (an enhanced strength character), in getting everyone out.  As a result of the rescue efforts, all of the people in the restaurant escape, and the Genovisi men and the two mutants are arrested.  Steel Rod’s arrest, despite his tremendous help in securing the building, leaves a sour taste in Sirocco’s mouth.
Several days later, the team gets their promised visit and tour of the Box, the Omega prison that houses all the powered threats faced by the city, and some of the neighboring states.  While there, they are introduced to the warden, a hard-nosed man who runs a tight, clean ship, so to speak, and met with Doctor Slater, who runs the  Rehabilitation Ward of the prison.  Moving deeper into the prison layers, the party discovered that the inner layers have a gas of some sort that negates and weakens mutant powers, subduing the mutant population in the prison and making them less violent.
Early the next morning while Glitch and Doppler were on patrol, a human using some sort of ice making and manipulating gauntlets started freezing the streets, calling out the Protectors to do battle with him.  Azra, who was nearby after coming out of Mosque, decided to get in on the action by forming a suit of armor from the glass and sand on the street.  Though the battle ended quickly, a damning remark about mutants from the ice villain, calling himself Doctor Frost, resulted in a violent outburst from Azra, and her actions were recorded and quickly uploaded online.  Aware of who she was under the green glass armor, Doppler made a public show of letting her go with a warning, something some members of the press, and other anti-mutant groups, took great offense to.
A debriefing back at The Clubhouse left Proteus to deal with a troubled Azra.  While a short sparring match in the Training Room gave them time to discuss her outlook on life, and provide some clarity to the feelings she was experiencing, it didn’t do much to allay her fears of humans, and worse, her fears of herself.
Deciding to try and change the way she interacts with the normal world, Azra does some shopping and picks up some clothes emulating the only other young woman she knows: Mouse.  After a short wander through Bowden Island’s main streets, she finds herself entering a noisy video game arcade hosting a Dance Step Revolution competition.  Unbeknownst to Azra, Mouse has derailed the patrol she and Doppler were supposed to be on to make an appearance and support one of her friends from the island, who is competing in the competition.  After narrowly avoiding an embarrassing encounter with Mouse, Azra escapes outside to the alleyway.  Suddenly the sound of gunfire is heard from a nearby apartment building.

Episode 12: Like Clockwork
It’s Independence Day!  After being split into two patrolling teams, Doppler and Glitch over night, and Proteus and Sirocco during the day, the Protectors have spent the past week  halting minor crimes and breaking up the growing street-level violence between the Iron Dragon Triad and the Genovisi.  Having just returned from their evening patrol to debrief, everyone agrees that the conflict between the two is escalating.  Furthermore, the limited information they seem to have gathered suggests that a secret meeting between the Genovisi and the Bowden Island Movement is happening that evening, to discuss allying against the Triad.  While the others connect with their various street contacts for information, Sirocco, using her Yasmine Anipe identity, pays a visit to Lady Genovisi to discuss the destruction of Yasmine’s gift at the Councilman’s party the week before, and in the hopes of getting more information about events directly from Miss Genovisi.  While she is unable to do much in the way of getting more information, Sirocco begins to develop a liking for Lady Genovisi.  After finishing a simple dinner together, Yasmine escorts Lady Genovisi out front where a car is waiting to take Lady Genovisi to her next appointment.  Moments before getting in the car though, Sirocco notices a strange metal spider climb under the car, and grabs Lady Genovisi, pulling her away just as the car explodes and saving Lady Genovisi’s life.
Shocked by the attack on her life, Lady Genovisi directs her men to take Yasmine home immediately, and excuses herself to deal with other business.
When Sirocco arrives back at the Clubhouse, the team has discovered the time and place of the secret meeting and decide to get an early look at the place.  They arrive and take up ambush positions, believing that there is a good chance the place might come under attack during the meeting, but as they wait, instead of the two delegations arriving, a contingent of Genovisi men arrive, heavily armed and ready for a fight.
Confused by the turn of events, the Protectors do not have long to contemplate the situation before four metal automatons, larger than the ones at the Waterfront, erupt from a set of steel drums and begin tearing into the Genovisi men with large machine guns.  The Protectors jump into action, taking out the metal foes and even saving some of the Genovisi men, many of whom run off before police show up.
When the police finally do show up, there is a short dispute over who gets to take possession of one of the automatons Sirocco disabled by fusing its insides with glass.  The team finally agrees to let the machine be taken to the facilities at The Box, but that Ron and Tech must be there to participate.
At The Box, a laborious process of disassembling the machine reveals little about how it works, but Doppler, using his magical detection technique, discovers that the creatures are animated not through science but through magical means.  Leaving the technicians to process the automaton, the Protectors return to the The Clubhouse and discuss this new information, and theorize what happened to the secret meeting before Doppler and Glitch head out on their evening patrol.

Episode 11: Take Two
After waking up from a precognitive nightmare, Gargoyle goes about making some big changes to stymie the events of his dream.  He informs his father of the horrible events, and tells Sukis to reject Astra’s membership request, hoping this will keep her off the radar of The Monster.
Also, being armed with the knowledge of how his efforts to take Mouse on a date fared last time, he tries to alter that two, resulting in a confrontation with Tech anyways, and Mouse’s surprise revelation of being a lesbian.  It is suggested that the Tech, Gargoyle, Mouse and Sirocco go to the movie, and Doppler agrees to chaperone the event.
The rest of the day progresses quietly, except that David Weaver is contacted by Katelyn Heingarde, the personal assistant to Lady Maria Genovisi, about improving security for the mansion.  While the others are out watching the new Captain Danger movie, David and Katelyn enjoy a quiet dinner, where she reveals that there was a hit-man who worked for Maria’s father many years before, who used clockwork armor similar to the automatons David saw at the waterfront shoot-out the week before.  The two wrap up dinner and return to David’s for a nightcap.
Shortly after midnight, the team gets called in to deal with an anonymous tip that a speedster mutant will be staging a heist along Antique Row, and so they plan an ambush for the would be criminal.
Just as before, Warhead shows up to rob the antique stores, but this time is met with the more than ready Protectors.  After a short lived fight, Proteus convinces the young man to stand down and he is arrested by police arriving on scene and taken to The Box for processing.
While the police are managing the scene, Doppler and Sirocco find themselves wandering into the darkened shop of Joseph Aaronson, and Sirocco is once more fascinated with the carved scarab he has under glass.  While the two are talking about the scene being somehow familiar, neither of them can quire put a finger on why.  As they head out, the camera zooms in on the display case behind the counter, where the glass has been broken and the same mystical journal from before has been stolen once again.
Back at The Clubhouse, as everyone is winding down, Gargoyle asks to talk to Proteus alone.  After Doppler sets up a sound bubble to keep their conversation private, even blocking out himself, Gargoyle asks Proteus about his knowledge of The Monster, Al-Wahsh.  Deeply unnerved by Gargoyle’s own knowledge of this individual, Proteus in turn confronts gargoyle about what he knows, and overwhelmed, Gargoyle explains that he can sometimes see glimpses of a person’s future, and that when trying to do so with Astra the night before, touched on some other sort of precognitive power that let him glimpse more than usual.  Seeing Astra’s impending demise, he began trying to change things to keep her safe, and explained that The Monster seemed to be waiting for another confrontation with Proteus.  Protues thanked Gargoyle for the news, and agreed to keep Gargoyle’s secret power a secret.

Episode 10: Catching Up
David Weaver (aka Proteus) arrives at Vivian’s home (aka Astra) and after checking over the place he discovers claw marks and scratches outside the window where Vivian sensed something, indicating there is some truth to what she says.  When David asserts that he will get right on the necessary adjustments to the home, Vivian expresses her discomfort with being left in her home by herself for the evening.  Unsure how to proceed, David takes her back to the Clubhouse and gives her a tour of the facilities there, suggesting that there are rooms for her if she would be more comfortable there.  Doppler, being the only other person in the downstairs of the Clubhouse, uses his powers to listen in on the two as they make their way around the base.  Vivian finally decides that she isn’t comfortable spending the night in this strange place, and David reluctantly agrees to let her stay at his place.  Not surprisingly, the building sexual tension between the two breaks, and David and Vivian end up sleeping together.  Later that night, David wakes and stares out the windows, looking over the city as he finds himself reminiscing about his final mission with Project Wildcard, and how his team was brought low by a remarkable terrorist known as Al-Wahsh, or The Monster.
A short while earlier, Tech, Mouse, Sirocco, and Gargoyle enjoyed the first showing of the new Captain Danger movie, and had a strangely enjoyable double-date-not-a-date before heading back to the Clubhouse.
Early the next morning, the team is assembled by Tech, who informs them that a speedster broke into a half a dozen antique shops and stole a number of valuables before making off.  Partnering up, Proteus and Gargoyle (excited to be part of the team) decide to check with a contact Protues has in the Iron Dragon Triad.  Tracking down Chung Xiwan, the Triad member known more commonly as Blackout, who fought with Blackjack/Proteus the previous week at the Bowden Island Docks, Proteus and Gargoyle head to the Szechuan restaurant the man runs in China Town.  When they get there, Xiwan agrees to meet them in his office, where Proteus explains they need information.  Although Xiwan does not respond well to the veiled threats that Proteus lays down, he does agree to help them, offering to provide information in exchange for a favour later.  Proteus agrees reluctantly, stipulating that the favour asked must be of a similar nature.
Meanwhile, Doppler and Sirocco are investigating the crime scene, looking for clues as to why the speedster was hitting antique shops.  Using a newly aquired spell to detect magical presences from Raincaller, Doppler notices that one of the shops sells mildly magical antiques and items.  Several items, including a magical diary, have gone missing from the shop, and when Doppler inquires about the book, he discovers from the shop owner that he was in the process of selling the journal and had several buyers lined up for it.  While Doppler investigated the shop, Sirocco became enamoured with an ancient carving of an Egyptian scarab that the shop owner had on display, and agrees to fix the shop keeper’s broken glass and do a piece of art for the shop keeper’s son-in-law to pay for the scarab.  Their investigation complete, they head back to the Clubhouse.
While the rest of the team was out following up on the speedster, Tech has begun Astra’s training in the Training Room.  When Mouse arrives to watch and help, Tech reveals to her that the preliminary tests are to test Astra’s stress responses, and when Astra avoids all the attackers by coming into the control room, Tech gets frustrated.  He tells her to go back into the room, and instead she projects an illusion that she has done so.  While Tech is watching Astra ward off multiple “ninjas” at an extremely high difficulty, Mouse, whose nanites seem to provide a level of resistance to Astra’s mental powers, objects to the manipulation of her friend’s mind.  Astra shuts down the illusion, and confused by the whole thing, Tech decides to take a break.  Astra uses the opportunity to head out to shop and take a break of her own.  Little does she know at that she has picked up a follower in her excursion.
When the party converges on the Clubhouse once more to report back, in the middle of the debriefing Sirocco gets a call from Joseph Aaronson, the magic shop owner.  He informs her that when he went to call one of the dealers he was looking at selling the journal to, he discovered that the police were there and that the dealer was dead.  Aaronson explained that for several weeks, he had been working with a proxy for the dealer named Alan Wash instead of the dealer directly.  He suspects that the proxy may have hired the speedster to steal the tome.
Moments later, they get a call from the new FBI agent assigned to Powered Threats in Pacifica City, informing them that the police had located a truck with most of the stolen goods in the back, in an alley way some blocks down the street from where the robberies took place.  When the party arrives, they are introduced to Agent James Pollack, the FBI agent who notified them of the truck.  While they search over the site, Proteus gets a call from Chung Xiwan informing him that the speedster had reached out to several fences for the triad, and that Xiwan had arranged for the buyers to not show up to the meeting, leaving the Protectors open to catch the speedster.
Back at the Clubhouse, Astra finishes her training for the day and Tech sends her home.  When the driver service shows up, someone new is behind the wheel, and before Astra can escape, he gasses her and drives off.
The party sets out to surveil the warehouse where the deal is supposed to be made, setting an ambush for the speedster, whose name they have learned is Warhead.  Proteus and Doppler decide to go disguised as the would-be buyers, while Sirocco and Glitch wait to ambush him.  When Warhead finally shows up with the merchandise to sell, Sirocco and litch spring into action, while Doppler and Proteus dash outside to change into their Protector’s uniforms.  Up on the roof, Sirocco has an unplesant experience with a taser before a third party slides silently into the warehouse.  While Glitch wrestles with Warhead, Proteus sees a startling connection outside, realizing that Alan Wash is quite possibly Al-Wahsh, the Monster from some years before.  Proteus and Doppler hurry back in in time to see a stranger pluck the journal out of the bag of goods Warhead had.  Before any of them can make a move on the figure though, he draws a cell phone from his pocket and turns it on, sliding it across the floor.  When he speaks, Proteus’ worst fear is confirmed, and the Monster explains that if they want to stop him, they have to give up something else.  The screen of the phone displays Astra, captive with some sort of device tied to her chest.  Promising to put an end to him, Proteus watches furiously as The Monster dashes out the door of the warehouse.  Desperately, the Protectors climb into their car and drive off across town to the abandoned home that Astra is tied up in, arriving in time to watch the last vial of poison sliding into her body.  Taking her back to the Clubhouse using their emergency sirens, the wailing of the siren turns suddenly to the beeping of an alarm, and back at his room in the Clubhouse, Gargoyle awakes from a nightmare…

Episode 9: Meetings
After taking would-be hero Astra to one of Proteus’ safe houses, the team begins to decide what to do with her.  There is some debate about whether to accept her as a member of the team, and finally The Protectors call in Sukis.  When he arrives, they catch him up on the situation, and after a brief interview with Sukis at the safe house, he instructs her to come to his downtown office the next morning.
After Astra returns to her home, her telepathic powers pick up a strange presence lurking outside the windows of her penthouse apartment.  Unnerved by this, she makes a mental note to get some increased security in her apartment the next day.
Meanwhile, across town, Proteus has returned to Bowden Island as Blackjack to shake down some information on the attacks at the Jade Palace and the Ballroom earlier that night.  There he encounters Glitch, dressed down as her street-kid identity, Mouse.  Together they find out that Lewis, one of Mouse’s friends, has got himself into big trouble with the Bowden Island Movement, as well as a new gang calling itself The Minute Men.
While Blackjack is waiting just outside, ready to catch Lewis if he uses the fire escape, Mouse goes into the apartment, where a frantic Lewis is packing his bags to flee.  He rants for several moments about a recruiter for the Minute Men named Drucker, before he is shot by a sniper from a suite across the alleyway.
Jumping into action, Blackjack dives into the room where he encounters the sniper fleeing.  When he tries to paralyze the sniper, Blackjack is met with surprising reflexes and combat training, and a glowing disk attached to his chest.  While he pauses to take the disk off, the sniper flees into the hallway.  When Blackjack goes to pursue, the disk, along with two others planted on the walls outside in the hall explode.  Blackjack’s energy absorption takes most of the blast, but the explosion triggers the fire alarms and the buildings tenants begin to evacuate the building.
Mouse, overwrought with grief and anger over Lewis’ death, moves outside to wait for the killer, but after hearing the alarms go off, she races inside.  Her enhanced senses catch him climbing the stairs against the flow of people and heading to the roof, so using her nanite-enhanced strength, she leaps from landing to landing by the outer rails, clambering out to the roof behind him.
On the rooftop, the sniper turns to get a shot off at her, but the bullet ricochets off Glitch’s armour.  Extending her nanites into a whip, she grapples the sniper and begins reeling him to her, but as she does so, he uses his tongue to bite a capsule in his mouth.  Blackjack arrives on the roof, just in time to see the sniper’s form drop lifeless to the ground.
Realizing that he’s died, Mouse drops him, and in a fit of rage goes to smash his head in.  As she does, her nanites shut down, removing her enhanced strength.  Blackjack manages to get her to let go, as police and fire fighters are arriving to deal with the explosion.  Unable to deal with the grief and anger of what has happened, Mouse passes out.  Blackjack, still disguised, drops her off outside the Clubhouse.
The next morning, Sukis meets with most of the Protectors, and after a brief discussion about Astra, the party agrees to let her join.  Sukis follows the discussion up with information that police aren’t certain that the Gideon Ballroom attack was a retaliation, and that possibly the same group was responsible for both attacks.  Sukis asks the party to keep their eyes and ears open for any information on the new players in town.
During the conversation, Sirocco lets slip that Doppler actually uses magic instead of mutant powers.  When Doppler catches up with Sukis after the debriefing, Sukis explains that he and Mercy already knew that Doppler was not a mutant.  Sukis makes it clear that Doppler should be more transparent in the future, but that for now, all is forgiven.
A short while later, Sukis surprises Vivian Belamonte, Astra’s alter-ego, when he shows up to pick her up on the way back to his office.  He has a short interview with her in the car, where he catches her reading his mind by thinking loudly about swerving the car in traffic.  The conversation winds down as they pull into the parkade of the ABT building downtown, but picks up again when they get into Sukis’ office.
There he goes over with her the expectations around being a Protectors member, both in terms of what he provides to the members and the city, and what the Protectors themselves are expected to do.  Vivian agrees and is given directions to meet at the town house address that is the cover location for the Clubhouse.
Back at the Clubhouse, Glitch finally wakes up, her ankle sore from having twisted her ankle during her fall.  Concerned that the nanites haven’t fixed the injury, she hobbles out of her room and is suddenly faced with Gargoyle, who has been anxiously waiting to ask her to the new Captain Danger premiere happening that night.  Glitch deflects the question, suggesting that Gargoyle should ask Sirocco and that Gargoyle, Tech, Glitch and Sirocco can all go together.
After helping get Glitch to the medical bay to get Mercy’s help with her ankle, Gargoyle sneaks off and asks for Sirocco’s help.  After agreeing to help for a future favor, Sirocco dashes off to tell Tech that Glitch can’t make it to the premiere that night, and that he should take her to the movie instead.  Worried about Glitch, Tech dashes off to the medical bay, where he finds out that Gargoyle tried to get Glitch to go out with him instead.  Furious he marches into the hallway where the two get into a small fight.  Sirocco explains to a confused Glitch that both Gargoyle and Tech are competing for her affections, while Mercy goes out into the hall and deals with the problem by separating the two by their ears.  Bringing Tech back in to deal with the nanite problem, Tech reboots the system and announces that it was caused by conflicting orders received by the nanites, and reports that the nanites detected very low levels of electrical activity in the sniper, revealing he was in fact still alive when Glitch left him on the roof.  Glitch explains the events of the night before, and then Tech and Gargoyle agree to take Glitch and Sirocco to the movies together.
Meanwhile, David Weaver, Proteus’ alter-ego, gets a call regarding his security consulting business.  When he arrives to meet the new client, he finds Vivian Belamonte.  Both recognize each other from the night before, an Vivian explains about her unnerving encounter at the end of the evening.  David agrees to help, and is invited to show up at Vivian’s apartment later that night to get a sense of the layout.
Finally, Doppler heads off in the early afternoon to track down his new mentor from the Council of Stars.  Following the directions given, he finds himself at a Native Reserve outside the city, where he learns that Raincaller is one of the local elders.  Raincaller takes him out to the local woods for a hike, where the wizened elder lays out some of the history of the Council, and how it was formed to protect the world from both dangerous magic users as well as mutants.

Episode 8: A Call to Arms
While Glitch, Sirroco and Proteus watch a Captain Danger marathon with Simone, in anticipation of the release of the new Captain Danger movie, Doppler heads to his UN office to meet with Andre LeFraine, a member of the Council of Stars.  During this meeting, Doppler reports that while it has been revealed that he is not a mutant, the party does not suspect him of being anything other than who he is.  Doppler also explains that the Protectors are determined to keep Simone safe, and have a plan to lure the Council of Stars into an open confrontation in the Bowden Island slums.  LeFraine agrees to go along with the plan, to help keep Doppler’s connection to the council a secret.
When Doppler returns to the apartment, the team heads out to Bowden Island and with Glitch acting as Simone’s personal guard, Sirocco, Doppler and Proteus keep their distance.  In quick order, Simone and Glitch are confronted and surrounded by four men in suits and wielding canes, demanding that Simone come with them.  As Glitch armours up, Doppler and Proteus jump into action catching the Council knights off guard.  With support from Sirocco, they quickly disable the men.  Before any of his men can become seriously injured, LeFraine steps from the ether and demands the Protectors halt.  After a short discussion, LeFraine agrees to let Simone be under the watchful eye of the Protectors and he and his men disappear back into the night from which they came.
The next day, we follow a young, well-off woman, driving out to The Box.  As she passes through the Security at the entrance, we learn her name is Vivian Belamonte, and as the guard checks her identity on his computers, Vivian spends a moment concentrating, and picks up the guard’s thoughts, noting the man’s eagerness to get to his lunch break.  Vivian is granted entrance and directed to the visitor’s parking and entrance.  Soon, she is sitting in the secured visitor’s booth, patiently waiting, when Bella Hollander is brought out.  She looks tired as she sits in the chair across the glass from Vivian, but when she sees the woman, she seems to perk up.  Picking up the phones to talk, it is quickly revealed that Vivian is Bella’s younger sister.  Bella asks Vivian if she has changed her mind about her plans, warning her once more that what she intends to do is dangerous, and that Bella is afraid Vivian might get hurt.  Vivian assures her sister that everything will be alright, and tells her there is a party that she is going to in the evening, and that if all goes well, Vivian will have taken steps to help make things right again.
Meanwhile at the Clubhouse, Sukis asks Proteus (in his civilian guise of David Weaver) to tag along to the mayor’s office for a meeting.  Their they are surprised to find that The Lady, Maria Genovisi and head of the notorious Genovisi crime family is already at the mayor’s office.  She politely but firmly impresses the idea that the Protectors should be in attendance at a birthday party she is throwing for one of the City Councillors that night.  Mr. Weaver impresses her in his response and she requests his help with providing further security that night.  After she leaves, Sukis complains to the mayor, stating that the Protectors are not intended to be a private security force for the rich and influential.  Mayor Keller agrees, but also points out that since City Hall is helping to fund the project, and since the celebration will include several prominent civic officials, having the Protectors there is well within their mandate to protect the city.  Reluctantly, Sukis agrees to the request, leaving Proteus to figure out how to deal with the situation.
Back at the Clubhouse, Proteus announces the evenings agenda to the team, and after being reminded that Sirocco’s artist persona, Yasmine Anipe, has already been invited to the party, it is decided that Doppler and Glitch will attend the party as Protectors.  David Weaver heads off to meet with The Lady’s personal assistant, Katelynn Heingarde, to firm up security details, and is then invited to the party as a thanks for his efforts.
Later that evening, Yasmine Annipe and David Weaver have both arrived to the party as it’s starting, while Glitch and Doppler in their Protectors suits both arrive fashionably late.  As the party guests are talking, we see Miss Belamonte arrive, dressed to the nines.  Using her power to create illusions, she manifests her name on the guest list before moving quietly onto the floor.  Her attention quickly moves to Glitch and Doppler, keeping her watchful eye on them.
Meanwhile, trying to keep out of sight of the other Protectors, David Weaver has learned that the guards have become distressed about something, and after trying to allay the fears, watches from the balcony rail as a half-dozen gas grenades break through the windows of the ballroom, panicking the guests.
Glitch and Doppler react swiftly, and Yasmine uses her powers to fill her suit with sand and animate it, bringing it from the hiding place she had found across the street.  Miss Heingarde and Lady Genovisi join the escaping crowd, as a seventh gas canister appears in the middle of the room, providing cover for Vivian to change into her new identity, Astra, a spandex and glitter clad figure with a Columbina style half-mask.  Moments later, armed gunmen charge in and begin shooting at the guests.  The heroes and Astra quickly take out the attackers, and when the police arrive a few moments later, to take control of the situation, the Protectors are left to deal with Astra, who confesses to them that she wishes to join their team.

Episode 7: Pieces of Me
After leaving Sirocco’s party to follow one of the Ming Yuewei’s entourage, Proteus dons his vigilante persona and trails the criminal known as Blackout to a secret meeting at the abandoned docks on Bowden Island. There he discovers that The Iron Dragon Triad has been dealing with The Bowden Island Movement to bring in cargo. As he’s getting ready to make his move, Blackjack suddenly notices that he’s not alone in watching the transaction. He spies a half dozen individuals taking positions around the meeting party, but before he can react, some one shouts out, announcing that the Genovisi family will never stand for the secret alliance between the Triad and the Bowden Island gang. A fierce shoot out follows, breaking up the sale, and as the Bowden Island members scramble to safety, Blackout takes cover in the cargo container that was carrying the goods he had come for.
Intervening, Blackjack discovers that the Genovisi trigger men are in fact some sort of Clockwork automaton, made of brass and iron. Using his powers to generate heat, he quickly reduces one of them to slag. Meanwhile the others retreat as Blackout escapes into his own car. Not willing to let the criminal escape with whatever was in the container, Blackjack gives chase and leaps onto the car and then over, using his abilities to redirect energy to flip over the car.
After climbing out of the overturned vehicle, Blackout, seeming strangly unharmed, stands up and challenges the vigilante, but not before drawing all the light out of the area around them both. A fierce battle ensues, where Blackjack discovers that his opponent is capable of making himself stronger with each attack that the vigilane lands on him. After suffering several crippling blows, and with the impending arrival of the police, Blackjack is forced to withdraw.
The next afternoon, he arrives at the Clubhouse, hiding his bruises, and discovers that both Sirocco and Doppler are in less than stellar shape themselves, following their battle with Roach earlier that morning. As Glitch arrives to discuss the party the night before, she gets withdraws as she gets a call from an old friend of hers from the streets of Bowden Island. She quietly enlists Proteus’ help in getting to the Bowden Island slums, but not ready to be left behind, Sirocco drags Doppler along to follow the pair.
Proteus and Glitch arrive at an apartment slated for demolition, and discover an old friend of Glitch’s is in hiding there. Displaying the remarkable power to remove parts of her body and animate them, the young woman introduces herself as Simone.
She explains to Proteus and Glitch that she has been followed by a group of people for a prolonged period of time, one of the main reasons she was hiding in the slums in the first place. They caught up with her the previous evening and she barely managed to escape. After assessing that the danger to Glitch is minimal, Proteus calls in Doppler and Sirocco, letting them know he knew they were listening from the opposite roof the whole time. Everyone packs into Proteus’s car and deciding not to make this an official Protectors case, decide to head to Doppler’s place to use it as a safe house.
There, Simone explains that a secret magical organization known as the Council of Stars has been chasing her for some years. She explains that magic is a very real force in the world, and the Council wors very hard to keep that magic secret. During conversation with her, Sirocco also determines that the woman is not actually a real human, but something called a simulacrum, a creature akin to a magical clone. Being sensitive to magical energies, Simone also openly confronts Doppler about the fact that he is not a mutant, but in fact uses magic. The others share a mix of disbelief and suprise over this matter, and Doppler explains that he learned his powers from a magical book he found as a youth. The party ultimately decides to help Simone confront the Council agents searching for her, and concoct a plan to use Simone and Glitch as bait to draw them out in the alleyways of Bowden Island.
Deciding to wait until night fall, and with some private matters to attend to, Proteus, Doppler and Sirocco leave Simone and Glitch to catch up. Arriving at his office with the Pacifica branch of the UN, Doppler has a secret meeting with a man identifying himself as Andre LeFraine, a Knight of the Council of Stars and the man tasked with finding Simone.

Episode 6: Lay of the Land
It’s the morning before Sirocco’s art gala, and Glitch has discovered that the show’s online tickets have sold out abruptly. Furthermore, the newspapers and magazines who several days before had rejected her requests for coverage, are now calling to make sure their Press Passes would be available.
As she’s trying to get the event organized, Tech and Mercy reveal they may have a way to allow Glitch to modify the nanites in her body, allowing the metal nanites to change from their silvery tone to match her skin tone. When the attempt goes sideways, Glitch ends up with a new face, but the metal replaced her skin now matched with her skin tone. While she is surprisingly accepting of her new appearance, the change catches Proteus and Doppler off guard. After a brief explanation from Tech and Mercy, Glitch informs Proteus that she has arranged for atuxedo fitting for the evening’s entertainment.
Elsewhere in the city, Alexander Sukis has taken Sirroco shopping in an effort to make sure she has some wonderful new clothes for her event. While they are out, Sirroco confides in Sukis that she believes her father is still alive and possibly leading a mutant superiority terroist group in Egypt.
Meanwhile, Proteus and Doppler have been called in to the Box, under the guise of their FBI alter-egos, Max Spade and Sam Spicer. After arriving at The Box, they discover that someone has arranged for Portal, aka Horus Tulford, to be transferred. As men burst in on the brief questioning Proteus gets with Portal, Portal tells Proteus to look into a place called Worthington Hill. Portal gets hauled into a van and driven away. Proteus and Doppler get in their own car and give pursuit, but have to call it off to make it to Proteus’ tux fitting.
Later that evening, the Art Gala is immensely successful, and several city councilors, prominent arts council members, and art reporters people show up. Most surprisingly, is the arrival of both Maria Genovisi and her entourage, and Ming Yuewei and her entourage. Not only are both women wealthy business women, but are highly respected and feared organized crime leaders. Glitch pulls out some surprising skills with organizing the event, including getting one of Ron’s ex-wives to come and cater, and manages the whole evening with grace. By the end of the evening, Sirocco is invited to a birthday celebration that Ms. Genovisi is holding the next week, and commissioned to do an art piece for it
The next morning, Doppler and Sirroco are called in to assist the local police with a mutant named Roach, who had entered into a shootout with them. After a brief struggle, Doppler and Sirroco managed to disable the mutant, who was taken by police to The Box for incarceration.

Episode 5: Plot Hole, Part 2
As with the best laid plans, The Protectors’ plan to trap Portal goes awry. The convoy, with Doppler disguised as a guard in the transport truck and Proteus in the cargo box with the medipod, comes under attack on the way to the Protectors’ ambush site. Apparently the previous bidder sent their own team to recover the pod, and using agents already on the security team, Doppler calls in Sirrocco and Glitch who are waiting near by. When two of the other guards inside the transport truck turn on Doppler, the ensuing fight in the truck accidentally knocks himself and the traitors in the transport out. Arriving on the scene, Sirocco and Glitch disable the remaining ambushers, but meanwhile Portal has appeared inside the truck. Doppler awakes just in time to see Portal teleport out with the pod container.
Mopping up the badguys, Sirocco and Glitch hear from Proteus who has continued hiding in the container this whole time. After transmitting his coordinates to his team mates and waiting for their backup, Proteus begins listening to what was happening outside the container. Outside the box, Portal’s cohort Killian discovers that someone is waiting in the container. Using his powers, Proteus blows the hinges off the door, surprising Portal and Killian. Finally in position, Sirocco, Glitch and Gargoyle wait to use a neural inhibitor device created by Glitch, Tech and Ron that afternoon. But when Portal teleports himself and Killian to the roof of the next building over and are confronted with Sirocco and Gargoyle waiting for him, a horrible stand-off occurs. Using blades of glass, Sirocco captures Killian when he tried to flee, and holds him hostage. Portal offers to come willingly with the party if Killian is released, but Sirocco’s scepticism causes another clash of wills when Glitch demands Killian’s release. Taking charge of the situation, Proteus accepts Portal’s surrender and Killian is released. The party turns Portal over to the authorities at The Box, and returns to the Clubhouse. Sukis commends them on a job well done, and the party is told to take it easy the next day, and prepare for Sirocco’s art show tomorrow night.

Episode 4: Plot Hole, Part 1
Having left the Protectors to deal with Harpy, Proteus heads out as his vigilante alter-ego Blackjack. Patrolling the dangerous streets of Bowden Island, Blackjack discovers that the Iron Dragon Triad has been making deals with the Bowden Island Movement, the local gang. After learning that one of the Triad lieutenants, a violent mutant named Blackout, has been seen down near the old Bowden Island Port, Blackjack finishes his patrol and heads home.
The next day, following their success in capturing the murderess Harpy, the Mayor of the city has had the Police Commissioner issue police badges to the Protectors. Back at the Clubhouse, tensions continue to mount between Sirocco and Glitch over Sirocco’s use of her powers in throwing an unprepared Glitch at Harpy in the fight from the previous night. Meanwhile, Doppler and Proteus (called in under his FBI alter-ego, Max Spade) have been tasked with investigating a strange break-in at a small time technical design company. After discovering the theft was performed by an industrial espionage master who is capable of creating holes in space and calling himself Portal, Doppler and Proteus return to get help from the rest of the party.
When they return to the Clubhouse, Proteus discovers that Glitch is ready to leave, having become fed up with Sirocco’s refusal to apologize. Proteus takes some time to connect with Glitch and practice some of his leadership skills, while Doppler discussed the issue with Sirrocco. Managing to smooth out their conflict, the ladies finaly agree to join the search for Portal.
Doing some investigating of her own, Glitch discovers that the tech company that was robbed was a secret subsidiary of Legacy Industries, and that they were working on a secret targeting chip for Legacy, the very information that was stolen from the labs by Portal.
Deciding to set a trap for Portal, they convince Sukis to transport one of his medipods with Doppler posing as one of the security guards while Proteus was hiding inside the container with a tracking device. Sukis agrees and Glitch contacts Portal’s digital handler, Killswitch. However, upon contacting Portal and his handler they discover that someone already hired him to hijack the pod. After providing a better offer, the team convinces him to take the job and set up their plan to ambush Portal.

Episode 3: Sing for Your Super
The Protectors head off to Twister and Hardcore’s apartment to search for information on the mysterious man who was helping the duo. Arriving before the police, the heroes search for evidence and discover the envelope that Hardcore mentioned during the investigation. After taking it to Tech for analysis, and discovering a single fingerprint on the inside of it, the heroes are surprised to discover the print comes from a newly deceased criminal defense lawyer. Deciding to take up the case, the Protectors, with Alex’s unofficial backing, start looking into who the mysterious deaths of two people.
Accessing their police resources, their search leads them to a video of the moments before the lawyer’s death inside the night club he was found near, revealing a beautiful and seductive woman. Embedded in the video is a strange vibration, causing males to become fascinated with her. Realizing that two of the team are now dangerously unreliable in facing this threat, the ladies get themselves ready for a night out. Meanwhile, Proteus has been called away for a business matter, and Doppler preps himself by learning how to cancel out her song.
Finally ready, Glitch, Sirocco and Doppler hit the Trident Club where the lawyer was found. After mingling with the crowd and promoting a new art show by Sirocco’s new secret identity, they get a single name from the lawyer’s friends: Bella.
Leaving the club, the team learns the woman they have nicknamed Harpy has just struck again, this time killing the newly released drug dealer, Axel Wilcox. The party arrives in time to help the police set up a perimeter, and Doppler and Sirocco find the killer on a nearby rooftop. Clearly a troubled young woman, Harpy flees after failing to take control of Doppler. The party quickly knocks the woman unconscious when she tries to fly away, and in an effort to prevent her from dying, Sirocco uses her power to throw Glitch off the rooftop.  After falling several stories through a small apartment Glitch finally lands, and thanks to her nanotech armour both she and Harpy are safe.  The police take over and Harpy is escorted to the medical facilities at the box.
The next morning, a debriefing by Alex reveals she was a young woman working as a legal secretary for the lawyer’s firm. She is cooperating with authorities, and has revealed to them the legally questionable practices of her former employers.

Episode 2: Twist and Shout
It has been two weeks since the heroes have been recruited by Sukis, and much of it has been spent moving in to the new rooms offered at the Clubhouse. While Glitch and Doppler have accepted the new rooms, Sirrocco has chosen to stay in her workshop/loft, while Proteus has decided to stay in his condo near Harbor-front.
The team has been presented with the prototype suits; stylish black padded leather outfits and helmets with tinted faceplates and a heads up display. They have also been introduced to the Training Room, a holographic projection room created by Tech and Ron. After Glitch experiences frightening first round in the simulation, Tech redesigns the helmets to include a HUD that more resembles the video games she so often plays. The team gets in several more runs, with much greater success and finally they get their first call. Sukis summons them to the Briefing room, and explains that the heroes have been summoned to deal with their first real powered threats: Hardcore and Twister. Twister, a mutant who has the capacity to twirl at high speeds and convert his hands into blades, and Hardcore, a former lacky in the Bowden Island Movement with superstrength and resilience, have been robbing jewelry stores downtown, but were blocked off by police.
After a quick briefing on the situation, the party arrives on the scene to find the two villains have made a small barricade of cars in the middle of the street, keeping the Pacifica City Police Department at bay. Following a brief parlay, Twister and Hardcore attack, with an opening barrage of what seems like extraordinarily coordinated attacks. With his ability to manipulate sound, Doppler is able to figure out that the two of them have small radios in their ears and are being directed by an off-site ally. As the fight quickly turns sour for the villains, their mysterious ally logs off, leaving the bad guys hung out to dry.
Not willing to miss the chance to follow up, our heroes use Tech’s help to go over the footage of the fight to see where the the man on the radio might have been, and discover small transmitters attatched to the security cameras outside the jewelry shops where the fight occurred. When Tech calls the police who are on scene to collect the boxes, he discovers they are missing.
After pretending to go to lunch to discuss the fight, Proteus, Doppler and Glitch head off to The Box, an Omega Level prison meant to house powered individuals, to interrogate. Using her own tech skills, Glitch helps her two companions pass as FBI agents there to interrogate the newly arrived Hardcore and Twister. Under the guise of Agents Max Spade and Sam Spicer and unimpeded by security, Proteus and Doppler, question Hardcore, who quickly admits that he knows nothing about the man on the radio and that the radios arrived to him and his partner from an unknown source.
Back at the diner where Glitch is managing their infiltration, Gargoyle shows up, eager to hang out with his new friends and heroes. Glitch does her utmost best to hide what she’s doing from the teen, concerned that he might let Sukis know that they were doing. Finally, Proteus and Doppler arrive at the diner, where Gargoyle reveals that he could hear the interrogation, and wanted in on the action. After a brief conversation, the heroes decide they need to know more.
Who is this man on the radio?
How did he know about the superheroes?
What does this all mean?
Stay tuned for more….

Episode One: Welcome to the Clubhouse
A diverse group of super-powered individuals are approached by a stranger calling himself Alexander Sukis, and offered a chance to be a part of a super-hero team, the first of it’s kind in Pacifica City. After much initial suspicions, the members are invited to meet at a townhouse, where they discover that the collection of houses are all owned by Sukis and act as a front for his new team, The Protectors.
Sukis explains to them that he is working with the support of both the local and state governments, and that if the team is successful, there could be more teams like them set up around the country. Afterward, the motley crew of would-be heroes are introduced to several other members of the team, who act as support, including “Tech”, the resident computer and programming expert; Ron, a mechanical genius and surprisingly good in the kitchen, Gargoyle, a mutant with some extreme physical mutations and Mercy, the resident doctor at the Clubhouse.
After being shown around, the heroes are left to consider their choice, and begin their training…