The Rogue’s Gallery

The Rogues Gallery
No superhero team is complete without villains to flex their muscles against.  While Pacifica City has not yet had to contend with any serious super-villains, the likes of The Empress who threatened Tokyo in 2003, or The Tyrant who nearly took over Los Angeles in 2007, there has been a growing mutant population in the city, particularly in the area known as the Bowden Island Slums.

Contained herein, is the dossiers on various known threats and all the information available on such individuals.

Real Name: Maxwell Bishop
Known powers: Can spin at high speeds creating localized tornados. Can change his hands and fingers into blades that allow him to shred materials as tough as steel when spinning.
Known Afilliations: Iron Dragon Triad, Hardcore, The Mysterious Man
M.O: Burglary, Breaking and Entering, Theft, Assault
Twister has shown a preference for daytime robbery, using his powers to intimidate victims and hostages into compliance. While he has shown a willingness to use violence in the past, it is worth noting that none of Twister’s attacks have resulted in someone dying.
Status: Incarcerated at The Box.

Real name: Carl Moyen
Known Powers: Extreme superstrength, extreme physical resiliency.
Known Afilliations: Bowden Island Movement, Twister, the Mysterious Man
M.O.: Assault, Aggravated Assault, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Uttering threats, possession of an illegal firearm, possession of unregistered explosives.
Hardcore was previously known to the Bowden Island Police as a mid level enforcer for the Bowden Island Movement, but has apparently left that organization after a falling out with the gang leader, a man known only as Anvil. According to statement issued by Hardcore, he met up with Twister at a bar one night and the two have been partners since then. Hardcore has a long history of violence and has been in and out of prison since has was 12.
Status: Incarcerated at The Box

Real name: Bella Hollander
Known powers: Limited Mind Control (causes males to be attracted to her, can make them docile), Flight, Able to drain “life force” out of a target, can transform fingers into talons.
Known Affiliations: None.
M.O.: Murder, Attempted Murder
According to Ms. Hollander’s latest assessments, the Harpy personality developed as a response to a sexual assault she suffered at the hands of her first victim, a criminal lawyer named Hector Ferrera. This spawned a seperate personality that was aware of and could control Ms. Hollander’s mutant powers. After being arrested by the Protectors, Ms. Hollander is now receiving treatment in the psychiatric section of The Box, where she is coming to terms with her mutant powers and trauma.
Status: Incarcerated at The Box, undergoing severe trauma therapy.

Real name: Horus Tulford
Known powers: Able to create portals between two points in space.
Known Affiliations: As a master of industrial espionage, it is assumed that Portal has had contact with a number of unknown organizations. Additionally, Portal is known to have a handler and cohort named Killian who goes by the online handle of Killswitch.
M.O.: Theft, Assault, Breaking and Entering, Treason, Sale of Restricted Substances
Portal is currently listed as #5 on the FBI’s most wanted, and is a master of industrial espionage and secret selling. He is extremely skilled in using his portals both offensively and defensively, and is known to be able to transport in excess of 10 tonnes of materials over short distances. While Portal has used his powers to disable security, there are no known deaths associated with him.
Status: Unknown.

The Mystery Man, AKA Al-Wahsh:
Real Name: Unknown
Known Affiliations:Known to have associated with Twister and Hardcore, and somehow connected to the dead lawyer Hector Ferrera.
M.O.: Unknown
Little is known of this man, except that he seems highly knowledgeable about electronics, computers, and communication devices, and that he has at least a basic knowledge of how to plant fingerprints.
Status: Unknown.

Real Name: Chung Xiwan
Known Affiliations: Iron Dragon Triad
M.O.: Assault, Assault with a deadly weapon, Racketeering (specifically extortion), Murder
Known as a high ranking enforcer and agent of the Jade Princess, Blackout has participated in a variety of crimes on behalf of the organization he works for.  Having dedicated his life to the Iron Dragon Triad, he came over from Hong Kong two years ago, after having been trained personally by a high ranking member of the Triad, known only as the Dragon’s Claw.  Within Pacifica City, he is often found in and around Chinatown, making sure that everything is running smoothly within the Triad’s sphere of influence, and works to expand that influence.  Blackout has displayed powers related to energy absorption, and seems to be able to redirect that energy through his own body and become more dangerous.  He is also fairly clever, and possesses a remarkable sense of discipline.
Status: Active.

Real Name: Li Quan
Known Affiliations: Iron Dragon Triad
M.O.: Assault, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assaulting a Police Officer, Bribery, Racketeeting
A low-level enforcer for the Iron Dragon Triad, Roach gets his name from being extremely resilient, having an extremely high regenerative factor and having an extra set of arms.  Roach is not particularly bright, but his strength and powers have made him valuable on the ground in terms of enforcement of the Triad’s might.
Status: Awaiting trial at The Box.

Steel Rod:
Real Name: Rodrick Ludinsky
Known Affiliations: Bowden Island Movement
M.O.: Assault with a power, Resisting Arrest, Mischief, Drug Possession, Trafficking
Steel Rod is a low level enforcer and drug dealer working in the BIM.  He has had a warrant out on him for his arrest for several months and was recently apprehended following a fight with the Protectors in Chinatown.  He is known to possess exceptional physical qualities, including speed and strength.
Status: Awaiting trial at The Box.

Real Name: Erica Wallace
Known Affiliations: Bowden Island Movement
M.O.: Assault, Assault with a deadly weapon, Resisting Arrest, Assaulting a police officer, Reckless Endangerment, Theft, Breaking and Entering, Possession of unregistered firearms, possession of restricted firearms, possession of unregistered explosives, Destruction of public property.
Erica Wallace was diagnosed with severe Narcissism, and Psychopathy shortly after her 12th birthday.  Her ability to quickly regenerate from even severe or deadly injuries has aggravated already severe judgement and impulse control issues.  As a result, her behaviour is extremely erratic and difficult to predict and manage.  She is not above injuring herself to allow for escapes, or in pursuit of harming another person and she has little to no regard or value for the safety and well being of those around her.
Status: Awaiting trial at The Box.

Doctor Frost:
Real Name: Peter Hwang
Known Affiliations: None
M.O.: Assault with a weapon, Property Destruction, Mischef, Resisting Arrest.
Peter Hwang  has a PhD in Chemistry and was researcher working out of Stonewall Chemicals.  He is known to have been working on a super-cooling process for use in Cryo-preservation of organic matter.  He was recently let go for “signs of instability and unethical research practices”.
Doctor Hwang has fallen under the belief that mutants are somehow to blame for him getting fired, and spent the past several months using his savings to develop his own powered suit, using his cryo-formula.  Using special gauntlets to make the ice and control them, he then attacked the Protectors  and was subsequently apprehended.
Status: Recovering from injuries sustained during arrest, and awaiting trial at The Box.

Criminal Organizations:

The Bowden Island Movement: Made up primarily of mutants with moderate to severe physical mutations, the BIM is led by a figure known only as Anvil.  Responsible for most of the drug distribution, smuggling and protection in the Bowden Island Slums, Anvil has recently began working to expand his territory to include the rest of Bowden Island, including the dockyard on the north-western part of the island.  This has put him at odds with both the Genovisi Family, who owns the docks and the Iron Dragon Triad who are also interested in owning the property.

The Genovisi Family: An Italian mob family, the Genovisi have held the majority of the city for almost 6 decades, since Antonio Genovisi arrived and using his own powerful connections, united the other three families present and became the Don.  Since then, leadership has passed down to Antonio’s descendants, and the family is now led by Maria Genovisi, Antonio’s granddaughter.  Maria, a competent business woman in her own right before assuming control after the murder of her father some six years ago, has led the family with grace, skill and an efficient ruthlessness.  The Genovisi have a wide range of activities, including smuggling, blackmail, extortion, protection racquets, and money laundering to name a few.

The Iron Dragon Triad: While not new to the city, having been a part of the city’s Chinatown since almost its inception, the Triad has only begun to expand its influence in the city in the past eight years.  To that end, they have sent the mysterious Jade Princess to manage their affairs.  The Princess has been successful in increasing the territory, but this has been largely into areas that were not already owned by either the Genovisi or the BIM.  Now however, there is little space left unclaimed and while the Triad does own the smaller shipping port south of Bowden Island, they seek to gain control of the Bowden Island port to both increase their own power, and strip it’s access from their rivals.  The Jade Princess has been working carefully to avert a direct war with the Genovisi, concerned that she does not yet have the manpower to cripple the Genovisi and hold whatever ground she gains.  Specializing in gambling, money laundering, blackmail, and extortion, with limited smuggling capabilities.

The Minute Men:  New to the city, and seeming to be recruiting from low-level members of the other gangs, it is suspected that the Minute Men are behind the gang war that is starting to erupt in the city.  It is also believed that the Minute Men control the strange clockwork automatons that have shown up at several points in the past two weeks.  So far only one name has been connected to the organization: Drucker.


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