The Pacifica City Protectors

The Pacifica City Protectors:

Created in partnership between Advanced Bio-Technologies CEO Alexander Sukis, and both the City and State Governments, the Protectors are the first authorized and official superhero team in the USA.  While other cities have have superhero teams working to keep safe the citizens, those heroes and teams operate without official authorization of the government.  By partnering with a private organization, the California State government has the ability to deflect blame over the group’s actions, and has maintained that they will shut down the program as soon as they feel it is no longer in the public’s best interest.  This also allows the government to defer some of the cost of maintaining and training the individuals responsible.  Operating out of a secret base in the city, nicknamed “The Clubhouse”, the Protectors team includes both a technical team that provides support in terms of gear, gadgets, computer, and medical help, and the engagement team, which provides support for local law enforcement in finding and arresting super-powered individuals.

At the Clubhouse:
Alexander Sukis: Head of Operations, The Boss.
Sukis is the manager for the Protectors Initiative and also the founder and CEO of Advanced Bio-Technologies, a company specializing in advanced medical hardware and software.  While he has a talent for business, he is also a skilled scientist and engineer with a dedicated goal of making the world a better place.  He believes in his heroes and knows that with some time, patience, and a good guiding hand, the Protectors will not only prove themselves as heroes, but also prove that mutant-human cohabitation is in everyone’s best interest.

Andrew “Tech” Tetch: Computers and Communications expert.
Tech is a known hacker and one of the best.  He made quite a bit of money for himself by exposing software weaknesses to companies, and testing security software.  When he was approached by Sukis and offered the chance to provide protection for a change, Tech jumped at the offer.  This had nothing to do with the fact that he also wanted to hang out with superheroes. Which he didn’t.

Ronald “Ron” Rudinsky: Electrical and Mechanical Technician
Ron is an extremely skilled cook.  A skill he learned from first wife, who is a certified red seal chef.  He also has a passion for black and white photography (though no skill in the area) and loves Sudoku.  Ron also provides all the hardware development for the Protectors, and if he isn’t in the kitchen, he’s in the engineering bay.

Dr. Mercedes “Mercy” Hascomb: Doctor and Medical/Health Services
Mercedes Hascomb spent the last several years going between Central America and Africa, working for Doctors Without Borders.  She is an extremely skilled surgeon, and while she admires Sukis’ enthusiasm and wide-eyed belief about mutant-human co-existence, her time spent patching up both sides in petty disputes seems to have taken its toll on her.  She is a sympathetic person by nature though, and believes strongly that the Protectors are and will do good work.

Hector “Gargoyle” Cortez: Tech Support, Junior member
The adopted son of Sukis, Gargoyle wants desperately to be a full member of the team.  Though only newly sixteen, Gargoyle is full of heart and desire to help, qualities often overlooked by outsiders who see only his mutated exterior.  With gray, scaly skin, large bat-like wings at his shoulders, and a beastial face, Sukis has often explained that Gargoyle’s bark is worse than his bite, something Gargoyle is determined to prove wrong.  Wanting to become more entrenched with the Engagement Team, with the hopes that he will one day be a full member of that team, Gargoyle has already participated in one outing with them, and hopes to do so again soon.

In the field (The Player Characters):
Proteus: Team leader and capable of absorbing and expelling any type of energy. When not active as Proteus he goes by the name of David Weaver, a well respected security consultant, and spends his evenings patrolling the streets and alleyways of Bowden Island as the vigilante known as Blackjack. [TOP SECRET]

Sirroco: Able to control sand and glass and other objects with a high silicon composition, Sirroco comes from a long line of mutants, with a heritage that supposedly dates back to ancient Egypt. While her true name is Azra Ibna’Set, she has a new identity issued to her by Sukis and is now known as Yasmin Anippe.

Doppler: Doppler is a magician who can freely manipulate sound waves.  Since magic is not commonly known, he often attributes his powers as a mutation.  He is exceptionally observant and very intelligent, usually able to figure out a situation before others.  A former UN diplomatic translator, he says he joined the Protectors because his powers would be useful to help others.  The true reason is that he was told to join by the secret organization that he is a part of.

Glitch: Melded with experimental nanotechnology, she exhibits superstrength, enhanced reflexes and sensory reception and is capable of creating a super-durable body armour and can transform her limbs into weapons. A former street kid in the Bowden Island slums and calling herself Mouse, this young woman has more than a few strange inconsistencies in her background. Now posing as Yasmin Anippe’s agent, and calling herself Angella Bennet, what secrets is Glitch trying to hide?

Astra:  The most recent member of the team, Astra is powerful illusionist with an eerie knack for seeing through lies, and an invested interest in the local heroes, The Protectors. Although new to the superhero lifestyle, she seems determined to make her mark on the world (with flair). Her alter-ego, Vivian Beaumonte, is a vivacious young socialite who has recently arrived in Pacifica City.

Known Associates:
Simone:  A simulacrum or artificial person created by magic and formerly wanted by the Council of Stars.  Simone has the ability to separate parts of her body and retain control over them.



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