Miscellaneous NPCs

Non-Player Characters
This section details important Major and Minor NPCs who help flesh out the city, but are neither villains nor part of the Protectors team.

Walter Mathews: A journalist for the Bowden island Gazette, Mathews is an experienced journalist who, after several major news stories and a couple of Pulitzers, found himself on the bottom of the journalism barrel after being discredited over a story on the death of former Pixton-Grey Technologies CEO Roger Pixton.  Doggedly pursuing the vigilante known as Blackjack for his new employer, Mathews hopes it could be the chance to get him back in the big news.

Judith Kaltrow: An up-and-coming reporter for the Pacifica City Times, Ms. Kaltrow is determined to make a great career for herself and hopes to one day be an editor.  She covers most of the crime related news for the Times, and as such she has taken to covering the activities of the Protectors.

Randolf Keller: Current mayor of Pacifica City, he is in year 2 of 3 of his second term, and has worked hard at keeping crime to a minimum in the city. He is not ignorant of the tensions building among the city’s crime organizations and has been trying to empower the police to do more about it. Not being able to find public support behind financing a Powered Task Force for the city, he is looking into other options. Formerly of the District Attorney‘s office, he is familiar with the workings of the law, and is a strong supporter of the current DA.

Police Commissioner Raymond Bradley: A policeman’s policeman, Bradley has spent time doing just about everything an officer can, from homicide, to narcotics and even some time in internal affairs.  He knows his city and hears its pulse.  Appointed by Mayor Weston’s predecessor, Harvey Dixon, and now serving his third term as Commissioner, Bradley brings experience and a keen eye.  While he reluctantly acknowledged that the police need additional help with powered threats, he disapproves of using an outside team, never mind one that has been granted further investigative powers.  He has gone on record in the mayor’s office, saying that “the Protectors are an emergency force, like SWAT, and should not be given license to use their powers to pursue legitimate police investigations.”

Ashton Bentley: The Current District Attorney for Pacifica City, he has been working to clean up the streets and ease the building tension that is mounting. He is ambitious, perhaps a little too much, but his enthusiasm has won him strong support for the people of Pacifica City. This is his first term.

Warden Wilson Gambel: Warden of The Box.  He is a strong willed man, who believes in justice and order.  He runs a strictly controlled and tightly run prison, and has worked in the Department of Corrections most of his life.  He trained as a Prison Guard before making his way up the chain of command, and was Warden in three other prisons before being brought in to manage The Box back when it opened in 2006.  While he is not a technically minded man, he appreciates and understands the necessity of all the high-tech security that makes the prison feasible.  While he is skeptical of the Prison’s Rehabilitation Wing, he recognizes the good that comes out of it, and refuses to provide more funding on the basis that it keeps the Wing focused and determined to make the best of itself.

Doctor Jeremy Slater:  Doctor Slater is the head Psychiatrist at the Box’s Rehabilitation Wing.  He has overseen the rehabilitation of a number of prisoners over the past four years, and works hard to bring his patients to a place of recovery and to reintegrate them safely back into society. His success rate has been reasonably high, given the resources he has to work with.  He believes in helping the convicts in his care to form and reform healthy attachments, and that using this method will help them to continue to maintain a healthy life outside of prison.  He proudly boasts of the Rehabilitation Ward’s 17% recommitted percentage.

Governor Haley Sawyer: A former journalist and news anchor from San Francisco, Sawyer took a reputation as a tough-as-nails interviewer all the way into the Governor`s office.  Still in her first term, she has worked hard to improve transparency in her government, increase support and spending for public schools and bolstering of the new federal medicare plans and policy.  She has also worked with Alexander Sukis and Mayor Weston to provide state support for the Protectors initiative, hoping that if successful, the planning and infrastructure can be applied to other major cities in the state, and possibly even serve as a structure for other powered groups across America.  Governor Sawyer has high hopes for the program.

Councilwoman Susan Cloer:  A resident of Bowden Island, and a member of the Pacifica City Council, Mrs. Cloer is an advocate for poverty reduction, and equal rights.  She is often found at community events on and around Bowden Island, and has a large following among her constituents there.

Preston Woodburn: Based out of Pacifica City and the mouthpiece of the Human Safety Society Preston Woodburn has done an excellent job of formally distancing the League from the Anti-Mutant League,  “a bunch of disreputable extremists”, as he calls them. Formally, Preston advocates for testing, registration and digital tagging of all mutants, citing them as a danger to “regular citizens”. He has gone on record a number of times in the past few years denouncing the violence that has been enacted both by mutants and against mutants, and is firmly against the sort of “vigilante justice” that exists in LA and NYC.

Douglas “Doug” Brewlin: A teenage resident of Bowden Island, Doug is, in his own words, “a lover, a fighter, a poet, and a pal”.  He is one of the people who hung around with Mouse/Glitch before her abrupt departure from the city, and has come to befriend Azra Ibiniset’s “Green Goddess” alter ego.  He is a Dance Step Revolution expert player, and he and his friends are fans of both the Protectors and Blackjack.

Blackjack: A mysterious vigilante, operating primarily on Bowden Island.  Whilre reports of him are generally dismissed by the Pacifica City Police Department as rumour, residents of Bowden Island are taking more and more caution when out at might.

Advanced Bio-Technologies: ABT for short, is a highly successful bio-engineering and medical technologies company, doing advanced research in medicine, cybernetics, genetic treatment and cancer research. It’s CEO and founder, Dr. Alexander Sukis, is a strong supporter of mutant rights and integration.  He is also the founder and Operational Director for the Protectors Initiative.

Legacy Industries: A subsidiary of Pixton-Grey Technologies, Legacy Industries develops high end robotics and cybernetics.  Currently pursuing a variety of government and military contracts, as well as one of several contractors for security at The Box, Legacy Industries is the leading company in robotics in America and one of the most looked to in the world.

Anti-Mutant League: Headed by Preston Woodburn, the Anti-Mutant League is an organization dedicated to containing and preventing the dangers that mutation presents .  Staunch believers in mutant registration and isolation, the Anti-Mutant League takes very seriously the dangers that powered individuals present as elements of crime.  However, they consider the vigilantes who have appeared around the world to combat such things as just as dangerous as the criminals they face.  Recently, the Anti-Mutant League has had to distance itself from what it has described as “radicals who have taken matters into their own hands.”  These so-called radicals have engaged in public violence against mutants including public beatings and illegal protesting of workplaces who have mutants among those hired.

The Council of Stars: A global organization made up of magical practitioners. No one is quite sure of how many members there are, or what their specific mandate and goals are, though it has been suggested that they have infiltrated many of the world’s most powerful governments and ruling bodies. It has also been suggested that the reason magic is so rarely seen by the public has to do with the Council’s influence.


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