About this site

Welcome to Pacifica City News Line.

This site is intended to be a fictional supplement to a role-playing game being run by the moderator of this site.  This game is run using a system designed by he and his wife specifically for the setting, in a game world of the his design.  It is a world of superheroes, and mutation, robots and magic.  The player characters (PCs) are all super-powered members of a newly established team of superheroes created to help protect the fictional city of Pacifica City, California, and the game is broken up into Episodes and Seasons, meant to evoke a television show experience.  This site will be where I publish various news or tabloid stories related to the events in game, episode summaries for reference and review, and character bios for important NPCs (Non-player characters) and villains.

All characters and events portrayed on this site are fictional and any similarities to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Update (September 11th, 2017): This site has been running for two years now, and as the party gets ready to finish off the first season, I would just like to look back and say thank you to all the people who have taken the time to read this, and to my players for helping to create such a wonderful story.  I have a great many surprises in store for Season 2, and I am very much looking forward to telling it.
My apologies for the fact that I have neglected this site for so long.  I have had some difficulties with getting the Episodes transcribed (a motivation thing, as much as a time or energy thing).  However, I am feeling back on track, and have already updated the Episode Guide with a new format, making it easier to identify new episodes listed, as well as a way to more easily navigate them.  All of that done, I’m looking forward to getting 72 Hours, Part 2 and 72 Hours, Part 3 written up, and I am excited about posting some new News Articles soon.
Also, as an aside, I am interested in hosting and acquiring art work based on the series and characters, and would love to see any fan art any one has to offer.

Update (November 7th, 2015): I have been informed by one of my players that the existence of this blog has been leaked to others who are not playing. To that end, I will endeavor to improve the quality of posts I provide and increase the detail included in them, particularly the Episode recaps. I will also be going back through and editing earlier posts for continuity in names and places. If people find an error or discrepancy, please leave me a message in comments, or otherwise contact me.



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