About this site

Welcome to Pacifica City News Line.

This site is intended to be a fictional supplement to a role-playing game being run by the moderator of this site.  This game is run using a system designed by he and his wife specifically for the setting, in a game world of the his design.  It is a world of superheroes, and mutation, robots and magic.  The player characters (PCs) are all super-powered members of a newly established team of superheroes created to help protect the fictional city of Pacifica City, California, and the game is broken up into Episodes and Seasons, meant to evoke a television show experience.  This site will be where I publish various news or tabloid stories related to the events in game, episode summaries for reference and review, and character bios for important NPCs (Non-player characters) and villains.

All characters and events portrayed on this site are fictional and any similarities to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Update (November 7th, 2015): I have been informed by one of my players that the existence of this blog has been leaked to others who are not playing. To that end, I will endeavor to improve the quality of posts I provide and increase the detail included in them, particularly the Episode recaps. I will also be going back through and editing earlier posts for continuity in names and places. If people find an error or discrepancy, please leave me a message in comments, or otherwise contact me.

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