Pacifica City

Harbor-front: Harbor Front is the downtown core for the city. Most of the 250+ cruise ships that pass through the city every year dock down here, and a wide variety of shopping is available at street level and in the several malls that dot the area. Located at the northern part of Pacifica Bay, Harbor-front is full of sky-scrapers and business buildings, the largest of which is Pixton-Grey Technologies, a globally competing robotics company based out of Pacifica City. Additionally, Harbor-Front is home to Pacifica City’s China Town, The Sukis Building (The primary offices and research center for Advanced Bio-technologies),  the University of Pacifica Quadrangle Campus (the original home of the University), the illustrious Jade Palace Casino and Hotel, and the Pat Irving Center of the Performing Arts, which houses an internationally renowned Ballet troupe and regularly hosts touring bands.

Brasstown: Located East of the Harbor-front, Brasstown is named for the brass fixtures that were prominant signs and decoration for a number of old saloons and bars that popped up during the California Gold Rush. While many of these establishments are now gone, Brasstown still sports a high number of bars and night clubs, as well as a handfull of private art galleries. It’s proximity to both the Quadrangle and Cloverleaf campuses of the University of Pacifica makes it popular with students and those in their early 20s.

Pacifica: While a respectable portion of the towers in Harbor-front contain loft and condo style housing, the majority of the residential area is to the east of Pacifica Bay. There streets are lined with houses, apartments and developing condos. Just off the bay is the new U.Pa. campus, known as the Cloverleaf Campus for it’s three adjoining circles. Pacifica is also where the majority of the city’s cultural communities are located, including Little Italy, The Poles, The Moroccan Strip and the Greek Corners. City Hall is also located here, and while Pacifica is not as cosmopolitan as Harbor-front, many local merchants, tech start-ups, and artisan craftsman make their home here.

Pacifica Heights: Pacifica Heights is a collection of suburbs and wealthy neighborhoods just North of Pacifica. Set in the hills and bluffs that overlook the city, the Heights are home to many of the city’s wealthy elite, as well as several private schools (including St. Anthony’s Catholic Education Center) as well as the Partridge Strip, a collection of high end clothing and accessory stores named for Melissa Partridge, who championed and established the notoriously expensive shopping area on the grounds that she didn’t want to be forced to shop next to the common rabble.

Bowden island: Bowen Island initially served as an additional harbor and a connector to Gateway Island, which served many of the industrial ships that came to the city back in the 20s and 30s. In 1953, Arthur Wilbur Hendry convinced the city council to grant him land on the eastern part of the island which was largely undeveloped land. Hendry poured millions into trying to create his dream of a sustainable, low-income housing project to help ease economic stress. The result was the Bowen Island Project. The project housed thousands of people, but when Hendry died in 1960, the management moved to his eldest son who knew nothing about managing money, and had none of the philanthropic aspirations his father had. For three years he reduced funding to the project, redirecting it to his own ambitions, and when the lease on the land expired in 1963, he let it lapse. Ownership returned to the city, and they were now left to foot the bill for an unsustainable housing project. Rebuilding the community has remained on the City Council’s “to do” list since then. Since 2000 however, many mutants in the city with physical mutations who are not welcome in other parts have fled here, becoming homeless and dispossessed among the homeless and dispossessed. As a result, the ratio of normal to mutant on Bowen Island is unusually high. The Island’s chief gang, the Bowen Island Movement has a high percentage of “gifted” members, many of whom espouse mutant superiority.

The Box: Opened in 2007, the Box became one of three Omega Level prisons, meant to house dangerous and difficult to control powered individuals.  With state-of-the-art security and medical facilities, The Box houses dangerous criminals for all of the western United States.

Weston Hills Correctional Facility: The local prison for Pacifica City, Weston Hills manages most of the non-mutant/empowered person crime. After the increase in mutant activity at the start of the Millennium, Weston Hills was one of a handful of prisons to receive substantial upgrades to help facilitate mutant incarceration. When the Box was finished construction in 2007, many of the empowered inmates at Weston Hills were transferred to The Box, and Weston’s Hills now uses the upgraded facilities to house extremely dangerous non-mutant threats.

University of Pacifica: Originally built in 1903, the original campus (now referred to as the Quadrangle Campus, or Quad Campus) was built by Benjamin Lang, a wealthy land owner at the time. In the many years since, the University has had a number of successful alumi, including Alexander Sukis, founder of Advanced Bio-Techologies and Roger Pixton, co-founder of Pixton-Grey Technologies. In the early nineties, a collection of highly successful fundraisers allowed for a new, expanded campus to be built, located to the south of the original. This new campus, known as the Cloverleaf Campus because of its three rings of buildings, now houses most of the sciences, humanities and arts programs, while the Quad campus now manages the sports, computer and technology programs. The University offers several sports teams including basketball, soccer and football teams, all under the name of The Pacifica Privateers.


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