Other Super-powered groups

Other Superhero Groups:
After the sudden rise in mutation in 2000, to combat the appearance of super-powered criminals individuals, people (and in some cases, governments) rallied together to produce teams of superheroes.  Listed below are some of the more popular and well known groups.

In Tokyo: The Super Samurai Squad, a team of five powered individuals with coloured suits.  This team is nationally funded and deals with major threats to the country on an internal level.  Most notable of their successes is their battle against The Empress, who attempted to take control of Tokyo in 2003, and Detonator, a man with radiation powers that threatened to destroy Osaka in 2009.

In Los Angeles: Founded in 2004, Angel Corps has been the main vigilante force in LA, having contended with several major villains, most notable of which was The Tyrant in his takeover of downtown LA.  This battle cost the life of Crusader, one of the founding members of the team.

In New York City: The Americana is a trio of female vigilantes who oversee Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.  Themed around justice and the American Dream, they patrol the streets to ensure that everyone in the Big Apple gets what they deserve.

In China: More like mascots than actual superheros, the duo of Honour Guard and Silvermoon protect the Chinese people, and deal with threats to the government and citizenry.  Shipped around the country as they are needed, critics say they spend more time defending the civil rights violations of the government than they do actually helping people.

In Britain: The Red Coats are a group of heroes who work in and around London.  Critics have derided the choice of name, citing it as `representative of a period of enslavement and cultural domination in an age where a new civil rights movement is beginning for people with powers”, however the British government stands by the name, saying it is “symbolic of the power, discipline and courage showed by British troops in an age where the world changed dramatically.”

In Canada: Canada’s smaller population, compared to the US, has largely resulted in the lack of teams active in Canada in general.  That said, there are some nationally known heroes, such as Canadian Shield in Toronto, Silverwolf in Vancouver and Winnepeg’s White Walker, who operates with an occasionally rotating list of allies and supports.

Other Mutant Groups:
The Old Gods: Based in the Arab nations, this group has recently surfaced with a message of mutant superiority.  Believing themselves to be the descendants of deities, or reincarnations of them, this group of mutants has been responsible for the killing of five anti-mutant leaders and supporters in Egypt, Sudan and Libia in the past few weeks.


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