A History of Mutation

A History of Mutation

While the history of mutation remains highly subject to speculation, it is now considered by some historians and scientists that early mutation is responsible in some part or another for some of the fantastical and outlandish powers exhibited by heroes and villains of myth and legend.  Many historians and literary experts are not beyond suggesting that many of the demigods of lore were actually powerful mutants.

While most of this sits in the realm of conjecture, there is modern evidence of long lasting bloodlines of mutants, a few of which remain in our world today.  While these bloodlines have worked hard to keep themselves hidden over countless centuries, in a world where the term “mutant” is now common parlance, some of these families have come forward to claim dominion over other mutants, and indeed the rest of humanity.  For more information on these families, please see Other Superhero Groups.

The recent history of mutation begins in January, 2000.  At the start of the year, as worries over Y2K abated, normal people across the planet began suddenly developing physical mutations.  While some cases were minor changes, such as unusual eye shapes or unnatural hair and skin pigmentation, some were more dramatic, such as lengthening of limbs, wing growth, or extraordinary sense development (a case of a boy developing bat-like radar was reported on January 3rd in Brasilia, Brasil).  By the end of the first week, people were being admitted to hospitals for major and minor power exhibitions, such as pyrokinesis, levitation, and superstrength.

On January 3rd, an emergency meeting of the United Nations was called to discuss this sudden change in the global dynamic.  Over the next several days it is finally decided that the UN Charter of Human Rights applies to these people, and in a bid to protect them, the Security Council resolves that experimentation on mutants is a clear violation of said charter, effectively outlawing it around the globe.  Many protests occurred as a result of this decision, but in a few short weeks this fear subsided.

Los Angeles, USA, May 17th, 2000
Brian Glauster is arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and manslaughter after using his powers to defend his girlfriend and himself from muggers.  During his trial, Mr. Glauster maintains his innocence, but is ultimately found guilty.  This sets a major precedent in American law regarding the use of powers in defense and crime.  The Federal Government passes legislation entitling powered individuals with a fair trial only when there is no risk of the individual causing further harm or escaping.  This act is decried by other NATO and UN nations, but soon afterwards countries such as Russia, China, and Great Britain pass similar legislation.

In the US, to accommodate these new found class of criminals, the federal government sets about building five Omega-Class prisons; The Cave outside Los Vegas, The Box outside Pacifica City, The Tenement outside Detroit, Warehouse 21 outside Miami and Westmont outside NYC.


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