A History of Magic

A History of Magic

All over the world, magic and superstition are a fundamental part of virtually every culture.  From the miracles performed by saints, to the wisdom of ascended masters, from the gifts of faeries and spirits, to the curses of malevolent witches and warlocks, every culture has their myths, monsters and magic-users.  This world is no different, but these days, the magically inclined are hidden in shadows, cloaked in a realm that sits next to ours but is most definitively not.

Believed to be founded at least a thousand years ago or more, the Council of Stars is said to have been formed of the greatest magic users the world had to provide at the time, who came together and agreed upon the Tenants of Magic, a code of laws and conduct that binds the Council together, and lays out its expectations for the rest of the magical world.

In the modern day, the world at large knows nothing of the work the Council does, and those few who have peered into it’s world have gleaned little secrets from these magical secret police.  While it is whispered that the Council’s reach extends into most major governments, none are certain, how much of a hold the Council has on the world.  The Council has made good use of the media to keep its cover, thriving in the world of alien conspiracies, and supposed government cover-ups.  According to some, the organization is even responsible for some of the reports of “Men in Black”, using powerful mind control magic to trick witnesses into seeing aliens, or otherwise ludicrous things.

It is worth noting though, that while the Council of Stars are police, there are people and organizations that flaunt the Council’s authority, performing heinous rituals and committing occult crimes that threaten the people and places of not just the magical world, but the mundane one as well.  There are also those people who are wary of the autocracy the Council sometimes exhibits, and the fact that no one seems to know who the leading members of the Council are, creates a deep sense of unease in the more inquisitive minded.

It is worth noting also, that in this age of mutant powers, genius inventors, super-soldiers and robots, more and more artifacts and relics of great power are coming to light as well.  These items of power are being watched for by the Council of Stars, and every effort is being made to either recruit those who have bonded with such items, or stop those whose ideals run at odds with the Council.  Many in the Council would certainly see these items buried and forgotten once more, if they had their say in the matter.