Protectors Pages: Proteus

Protectors Pages: Proteus (Bowden Island Gazette)
By Sarah Wellerton, Gazette Staff

This week’s Protectors Pages features team leader Proteus!  While no official statement has been made about what powers this intrepid leader has, he seems to have no limit of powers at his disposal.  In various fights he has displayed incredible physical resilience, bordering on invulnerability, impressive strength and agility, and while also using bursts of lasers and electricity.  Proteus’ powers don’t end there though.  He has also been the linchpin in keeping the team organized and effective in the field, utilizing complex battle tactics to neutralize thugs and crooks, and ensuring the safety of bystanders and Pacifica citizens.
When pressed for comments on Proteus’ background and why he was selected, Protectors financier Alexander Sukis was predictably tight-lipped.  What he did offer was the following comment however;
“The Protectors Initiative is a complicated pilot project with a lot of hopes riding on it.  I knew right away that I would need to find someone who was capable of not just training and coordinating the team in the field, but someone who was capable of leading the team in other ways as well.  I think, beyond question, that Proteus has proven that he is the right man for the job, and I look forward to continued work with him.”
Some critics of the team have pointed to Proteus’ seemingly limitless range of powers as one of the real dangers of the team.  Robbert Stein, Dean of Law at the University of Pacifica City, points out that “there remains nothing to keep these people in check should any of the members of the Protectors Initiative, or any sort of so-called super-hero group, decide to turn against the cities and civilians they have sworn to protect.”
“While many citizens are saying the answer is simply to better arm our police and law-enforcement officers, what many people don’t realize is that most city and state police don’t have the available funds in their budgets to invest in the kinds of high-end containment and enforcement options available through most major tech companies.  Most of these companies get their contracts from the military, and the military is not about to start handing these devices out to street cops.  It’s just not happening.  In the meantime, we’re left to rely on the goodwill of other powered individuals, people like Proteus, to deal with other powered threats.  If any of these heroes turns-coat, we have to hope there are others who are capable of dealing with him, and hope the cycle doesn’t happen all over again.”
Despite detractors, the Protectors continue to lend their aid to the city, and under the watchful eye of Proteus, continues to clamp down on the surge of crime-related violence that has been plaguing our city.  We here at the Gazette have no doubt that with Proteus at the helm, our city will be safe once more.


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