State Police Called In Following Bowden Island Blaze

State Police Called In Following Bowden Island Blaze  (AP, Pacifica City Times)
By Judith Kaltrow

State Police have been called in to assist Pacifica City Police with keeping peace on Bowden Island, according to State Governor Haley Sawyer.  This move comes after a second violent clash in two days left Pacifica City Emergency Response Teams scrambling to put out an apartment fire that spread to two neighboring buildings in downtown Bowden Island late last night.  In addition to dealing with the fire, police at the scene were also working to deal with rioters involved in the clash, including Jeffrey Carmichael, whom police believe was key in organizing the riot outside City Hall Friday morning, and Keven Bakersfield, the mutant reportedly responsible for igniting the apartment blaze.  Members of The Protectors were on hand to deal with both the rioters, and the apartment fire, and current reports list 23 people in stable condition following smoke inhalation, eight people in critical condition as a result of the fire, and another nine in critical condition as a result of the riot.  Police have listed two people dead as a result of the events, including one unidentified rioter.  Pacifica City Police continue to look for other rioters who escaped before police arrived.
During a press conference outside the Pacifica City Hall, Police Commissioner Bradley asked for anyone who may have information about the event to come forward to police, including any pictures or recording taken on phones.  At the same press conference, Governor Sawyer explained the position of the state; “We are very concerned, at the state level, about the increase in violence occurring in Pacifica City.  While we certainly do maintain that the Protectors Initiative is proving to be effective, the recent events of the past several days underscores the ability of the Pacifica City Police to deal with the threats that this so-called gang-war is creating, and we at the state level are simply providing additional forces and equipment.”
“Effective immediately, Bowden Island is under curfew, from 10AM through to 6AM, and all bridges to and from the island will have check points overseen by joint teams of state police and civic police, in addition to extra patrols by State Police SWAT forces along the main streets.  These forces will stay in place until such time as the criminal threat to this city is neutralized.”
Pacifica City Mayor Randolph Keller reiterated Governor Sawyer’s sentiments when asked for comment, saying that he and “the rest of the City Council stand behind The Protectors, and the work they are doing,” and that “these new measures are only temporary.”  He also insisted that anyone detained as a result of the additional patrols would continue through the justice system as normal, and that citizens “cannot and will not be detained without just cause.”
Police and state officials are reminding all citizens to carry a piece of government issued ID, and asking for patience while these new measures are in place.


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