Violent Clash at Protectors Protest

Channel 23: Noon News Broadcast

(The camera shows Todd Emerson, lead Anchorman for Channel 23 News.  He is a handsome man, with a slender head, strong jaw, and silvery blonde hair brushed neatly to the right.  He appears to be in his early to mid 50s, with slight wrinkles around his eyes, on his brow, and smile lines.  He is dressed in a well tailored dark blue suit, white dress shirt and a black tie with thin diagonal green lines to the left.  His voice is moderately deep, and serious.)

Todd Emerson: Thanks for that Brad.  And now onto news from home.
(A picture of protest signs is displayed in the upper left corner.)
A planned protest at city hall this morning turned violent when people protesting what some call “an increase in mass violence around the city” clashed with counter-protesters at the event.  Here now with the details, is Crystal Palchuk.

(The camera cuts to a young woman in a white, button-up short-sleeved shirt with puffed shoulders.  She has a blonde pixie-cut, and appears to be in her late twenties.  She is moderately attractive, with a small mouth, but full lips and large brown eyes.  She is holding a news microphone.  In the distance behind her are several ambulances, treating people who are wounded.)
Crystal Palchuk: Thank you Todd.  As you can see, emergency personnel are still on site, where a little over an hour ago a violent brawl broke out between people protesting the new Protectors Initiative program the city has implemented, and counter-protesters who support the city’s new heroes.

(The camera cuts to previously recorded footage of Preston Woodburn standing at the podium.  He is obviously speaking but cannot be heard.)

Crystal (Voice-over): Only minutes into the speech of the primary speaker,  Founder and Executive Director of the Human Safety Society, Preston Woodburn, was interrupted…

(The footage shows Woodburn abruptly stop talking and pull away from the podium as though he is reacting to something unseen.  The camera then shifts to footage taken of the start of the brawl where a burly, bald, Caucasian man is seen grappling with a blue skinned man over the wooden dividers set up by police.  Around them, other people begin trading punches.  The camera man pulls away from the violence quickly, as more and more people on either side of the wooden barricade begin pushing past or attack police and each other.)

Crystal (VO cont): …by an exchange of blows that seemed to prompt others to get involved.  Police present at the site were quickly overcome by the wave of violence, many of them getting involved when protesters on both sides refused to stop.

(Footage shows several police officers beating protesters with fists and batons, several of whom are already on the ground)

Crystal (VO cont):  Preliminary reports also suggest that several members of the Protectors were on hand, though conflicting reports suggest that one or more of the Protectors were also engaged in the violence.

(Footage from a cell phone showing the edge of the melee. Proteus, in his new costume,  can be seen sliding back, crouched on the ground, before standing and being struck on the head with a broken beam from a barricade.   As Proteus turns around, the cell phone jostles from an off-camera event and the phone drops to the ground.)

Crystal (VO cont): Following the riot, both Proteus and Doppler were confirmed by police to be on the scene afterwards…
(Camera footage of Doppler conferring with EMTs and Proteus helping to remove debris from the site.)
…helping to attend to the wounded and helping with cleanup of the riot site.

(Camera cuts back to Crystal holding the mic)

Crystal: While a number of people involved in the riot did escape, the police currently believe that only a handful of people are responsible for causing the escalation.  (He lifts up a piece of paper with a police sketch of a bald man Caucasian man.)  Police are looking for this man, who is believed to be responsible for the outbreak of violence.  If anyone has any information on him, or his whereabouts, the Pacifica City Police ask that you call their Crime Tips Hotline at 1-800-555-4315.

(The camera cuts back to Todd Emerson back at the studio.)

Todd: Thank you Crystal.  We go now to City Hall where Mayor Keller is issuing a statement on today’s riot.

(Camera cuts to the City’s Press Podium.  The City Seal is on a blue cloth backing behind the podium.  Mayor Keller enters from Stage Right of the podium and stands a moment before organizing his notes.  He looks distressed, but clearly in command.)

Mayor Keller: As you all know, a riot erupted just outside this building not quite an hour ago.  Early estimates assess that while there were no casualties, eighty-three people have been treated by Emergency Services Personnel, over half of whom have been sent to hospitals.  Nineteen people are listed as being in critical condition.  At this time, the City would like to acknowledge the incredible job done by Police at containing the event, as well as the assistance of The Protectors, and the work done by Emergency Services Personnel who are still wrapping up at the site.  Your city thanks you.
I have been assured by Police Commissioner Bradley that his people are working extra-hard to bring in the people responsible, be they mutant or human, and justice will be served to all parties responsible.
It is the policy of this City and it’s government to denounce violence in pursuit of any goal, particularly that of harming it’s citizens; all of it’s citizens.  To that end, I have authorized the Protectors to assist police with finding and bringing to justice all parties involved in this riot, and I am confident that with both the extra resources being made available to them, and the extra man-power of the Protectors, the Police with have this issue sorted in no time.
That is all, thank you.

(Mayor Keller collects his notes and exits Stage Right.  Various reporters can be heard shouting questions as he leaves.  The camera cuts back to Todd Emerson)

Todd: After these messages, the Shymel Synagogue is growing, again.


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