Four Dead After Sin-Fueled Crash in Burnaby

Four Dead After Sin-Fueled Crash in Burnaby (AP, Vancouver Guardian)
by Richard Cobbs

Four people are dead, including two children, and another two are injured after a sports car going almost 80 km/h down Kingsway last night struck a another car before spinning out and striking a street light pole.  The driver of the sports car is listed among the dead, but police believe the man, already known to them, was under the influence of the new street drug Sin.

The driver of the second car, and a pedestrian struck by the careening second car are both listed as being in critical condition at Mt. St. Joseph’s last night.

Police are using this opportunity to remind the public again against using the new drug, which has already claimed sixteen lives in the past three months, in a slough of accidental deaths.  The drug seems to target self-control and impulse control parts of the brain, reducing inhibition in the subjects and causing those under its influences to “act without regard” according to an expert on the drug, Dr. James Sinclair.  “The drug’s ‘high’ is a sense of invulnerability, and a sense that the subject can do anything.  And then they do.”

Last month, Police arrested William Zachis on rape charges, and discovered that the man was under the effects of the drug when the charge occurred.  Defense for Zachis is claiming that he cannot be held accountable for the action, but protesters are demanding action be taken.  Zachis’ trial is set to start next month.

Meanwhile, a vigil is being held at the location of the crash tonight, the 2400 block of Kingsway, to honour the memory of those who died in the accident, as well as others who have lost their lives to Sin recently.

Police are also encouraging citizens to turn in any samples of the drug they acquire, along with any information about where to obtain the drug.


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