Protectors Defrost Icy Villain, Give Cold Shoulder To Vigilante

Protectors Defrost Icy Villain, Give Cold Shoulder To Vigilante (Pacifica City Times)
By Jason Ogawa

A man wielding ice powers and calling himself Doctor Frost caused a raucous downtown early this morning, freezing several unoccupied vehicles in what was apparently an effort to draw out the Protectors.  Doppler and Glitch, one half of the crime-fighting group, was out on patrol this morning and encountered the individual on the 1600 block of Kelsey Street shortly after 6am.  While this sort of event has become somewhat common place since the Protectors were publicly announced several weeks ago, something new happened today as well.

An unknown woman joined in the fray, wearing green armor made of what seemed to be made out of glass.  After breaking a number of nearby windows, she then began slinging glass shards at Doctor Frost, though to little avail.  The majority of the fighting was done between Doctor Frost and Glitch, with the metal maiden once again showing her combat prowess under stress.  However, after suffering a crippling blow by her and submitting to his arrest, the vigilante, who some are calling The Glass Cannon proceeded to strike the would-be villain several times before being restrained by the Protectors.  According to sources on the scene, the vigilante was harshly scolded by Doppler before being let go with a warning.

Critics, such as blogger Howie Benson, are calling this “just the start”, and claim that “by enabling the Protectors to do what they do, we are saying to others with powers, either mutants or just really smart people, that it’s okay for them to do this too.”

Camera footage from a cellphone showing the vigilante striking Doctor Frost has gone viral on the internet, with over 100,000 views and 28,000 shares at publication time.  Original poster Khalim Fassad said that he and his family had just gotten out of prayer at a nearby mosque and were walking to their vehicle a little further down the street, when the violence broke out.  “It was crazy,” says Khalim.  “The Protectors showed up and I thought ‘I have to tape this to tell the guys at work,’ and then this other woman shows up, and she starts hitting the ice man.  It was crazy.  I don’t know why they didn’t arrest her too!”

Spokesperson for the Protectors, Alex Sukis, was unavailable for comment at publication time, however the Human Safety Society, who have been vehemently opposed to the Protectors Initiative, contacted the Pacifica City Times by email, announcing that this coming Saturday they will be “holding a protest and march condemning the Protectors and the vigilante justice they represent.”  According to city officials, the Society has obtained all the necessary permits for the protest, and the rally will be held at 11am outside Pacifica City Hall.


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