Warehouse Shootout Leaves 18 Dead

Warehouse Shootout Leaves 18 Dead (Pacifica City Times)
By Jason Ogawa

A three block radius around an abandoned warehouse on Grant Street was cordoned off by police yesterday after a violent shootout in the warehouse spilled out onto the nearby streets, resulting in the serious injury of one bystander and the mild injury of another.
According to police, a number of people known to the police were concluding the purchase of illegal firearms when they were attacked by a second party.  Nearby witnesses report hearing automatic gunfire coming from the warehouse before police arrived on the scene.  The nearby Protectors duo, Sirocco and Proteus, also showed up and participated in the arrests and breakup of the gunfire that spilled out into the streets nearby.
According to police spokeswoman Cathy Remmington, this incident is not related to the Waterfront shooting from almost two weeks ago, although police are considering this a “significant increase in aggression” between rival crime groups.
An email reply from a  spokesman for Bellisima Holdings, who own the warehouse property, states that “Bellisma Holdings was in no way aware of any criminal activity occurring at the site, and in no way condones such activity.” According to the email the warehouse had been shut down due to “environmental concerns” and was waiting to be upgraded “to meet current environmental and seismic safety standards.”  The email went on to say that Bellisima Holdings would be reviewing their security for the area to make sure it is adequate and adheres to all legal requirements to protect the properties from intruders.


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