Top Ten Rock Out At Taylor Park

Top Ten Rock Out At Taylor Park (Pacifica City Times)
by Allan Rudy

Late last year, an effort to increase tourist activity in the Harbour Front area of downtown, Mayor Keller announced that a number of public concerts would be held in the area.  At the time, the proposal was almost absurd because the money that was subsequently allocated by City Hall was a pittance for such a project.  As a result, the city was forced to book a number of mostly unheard of bands for the concerts, with the exception of one extremely talented band.
Because they were booked in January, well before their hit single “Get Over The Moon” reached #17 on the radio charts this past May, retro-alt-rock punk band “Top Ten Subatomic Nuclear Babies” was booked to play the Independence Day celebrations.  In keeping with their “we’ll play anywhere with a stage” moxy, (lead guitarist Murphy Murton gave the above quote following their impromptu performance in a karaoke bar in Huston in early June) the band fulfilled their commitment to the city and gave what in this reporter’s opinion, one of their best shows to date.
Met with a cheering crowd, the band pulled tracks from their hit album “Rolling Bones”, as well as giving a taste of some punked out covers including “Rockin’ Robin”, “Yakity Yak”, and “Do you Wanna Dance?”. The band held the cheering audience with almost a full two hours of excellent music, finishing up festivities just after midnight.
For anyone wishing to catch more of this amazing group, you can catch their next show in San Francisco on July 10th, or in  Las Angeles on the 12th as they wrap up their US tour.  Tickets for both events are available online through TicketMaker


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