Protectors Pages: Glitch

Protectors Pages: Glitch (Bowden Island Gazette)
By Sarah Wellerton, Gazette Staff

This week we are pleased to present the mysterious Glitch, the Protectors’ very own android arsenal.  Glitch, also known as the Robot Wrecking-ball, and the Glittering Guardian, the silvery metal that makes up its body provides it with not only great strength and durability, allowing it to fall through multiple floors of an apartment building with no damage, but also allow Glitch to alter its limbs into a variety of simple weapons.  Fond of utilizing shields and large sweeping attacks, Glitch is neigh unstoppable in combat and is certainly one of the groups more lethal weapons.
Critics of the Protectors see Glitch as one of the biggest risks to the program, with many experts wondering who, or what, controls Glitch.  While Protectors spokesman Alex Sukis has confirmed that Glitch is very much alive and sentient, he has also made it clear that there is no reason to fear Glitch.
“Glitch… is here to help the people of Pacifica City.  She is in no way a threat to anyone, unless she… catches you committing a crime.”
Lars Lenno, a leading researcher in the Robotics department of the University of Pacifica said that “if she is indeed a robot… then she’s the most impressive piece out there.  Nobody I know of, no program I’ve heard about, even comes close to being able to so fully replicate intelligence and awareness of this magnitude, never mind the impressive nature of her robotic components.”
But some fear that she may be more than simply a robot.
“It’s clear that we’re dealing with something obviously very advanced, something well beyond our means to create.” Says founder Doug Radley.  Radley, who’s online blog Watching You documents alien and conspiracy files and stories, is one of a handful of those worried about Glitch’s use in the team.  “I think it’s very clear that we’re dealing with not just a robotic entity, but an advanced alien robot. That being the case, there are just too many questions about Glitch and what it wants.  How can we know that she’s really friendly?  How can we know she doesn’t have some ulterior motive like suppressing the human race?  How do we know there aren’t more of her out there, waiting to seize control?  We don’t.  We don’t know the answer to any of these questions, and that frankly, has me very concerned.”
Regardless of her origins, and barring any sudden hostile, alien or robotic take-overs, Glitch continues to be a valuable member of The Protectors, and I think many people in Pacifica City are just glad to have her on our side.


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