Protectors Run Down Speedster In Antique Row

Protectors Run Down Speedser In Antique Row (AP, Pacifica City Times)
by Judith Kaltrow

Early Sunday morning the Protectors engaged with a criminal capable of extreme speeds who appeared to be attempting to rob several shops along Antique Row.  The battle was apparently extremely short, as all members of the team were on hand in a carefully laid trap for the criminal, apparently calling himself Warhead.
According to Alexander Sukis, the Protectors were acting on an anonymous tip provided to police and passed onto The Protectors.  The team then proceeded to lay in wait near the neighborhood, and engaged with Warhead after he used his speed to break a number of the windows along the street.  The police report that after a short physical altercation between Warhead and Proteus, a member of the Protectors, Warhead surrendered to police custody and was taken to the medical facilities at the Omega-level prison facility known as The Box.  He is listed as being in stable condition, and currently facing charges of grand theft: auto, destruction of property, assault, and resisting arrest.


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