Protectors Pages: Doppler

Protectors Pages: Doppler (Bowden Island Gazette)
by Sarah Wellerton, Gazette Staff

This week’s Protectors Pages looks at another one of the Protectors’ key players; Doppler.  Using advanced technology, designed by himself and integrated into his Protectors suit, Doppler has the ability to alter the direction and movement of sound, amplifying it, reducing it, redirecting it, or concentrating it into powerful sonic blasts.  We’ve seen him in action again and again, taking out his enemies with a high pitched whine, or knocking them over with his “Doppler-toppler” sonic blast.  As one of the Protectors on hand at the Giddeon Ballroom attack late last week, we saw his dedication to his duty when he was shot and severely wounded by one of the gunmen, but not only fought on and helped guests escape, he stuck around after to give his full statements before leaving.
When asked about the possible technology that Doppler might be using Professor Ingrid Pallaman, a specialist in sonic motion at UCLA Berkley commented that “there’s no known technology that even comes close to what this Doppler figure does, and that whatever device he is using, is light years beyond even the experimental technology they are working with,”  indicating this team member must be a true genius.
According to Commissioner Bradley of the PCPD, Doppler’s use of force has been “reserved and judicious” and his assistance with taking down empowered threats has been highly appreciated.
Whatever comes next for The Protectors, we know they, and we, are in good hands with this tech-savvy genius working for them, and we look forward to further gadgetry and enhancements from Doppler!


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