Blackjack Assaults Bar Patrons

Blackjack Assaults Bar Patrons (Bowden Island Gazette)
by Walter Mathews

Last night police reported arriving on scene at the well-known Bowden Island Bar The Blunt Instrument to break-up a violent attack outside the bar.  Witnesses inside reported seeing the well-known vigilante Blackjack land suddenly on the sidewalk and began beating on several of the local patrons who were enjoying cigarettes outside.

A police cruiser on patrol nearby managed to catch most of the incident, and when officers demanded that the vigilante surrender, he kidnapped a young girl who was in the company of the men he assaulted and fled the scene.  Witnesses on the scene were unable to give a complete description of the girl, other than to say that she appeared African-American, and is approximately five feet in height.  She was last seen wearing a baggy gray hoodie, and black jeans.

Anyone with information on either the missing girl or Blackjack is encouraged to contact the Bowden Island Police at 555-5293.


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