Protectors Stop Attack At Giddeon Ballroom

Protectors Stop Attack At Giddeon Ballroom (Pacifica City Times, AP)
By Judith Kaltrow

Armed gunmen stormed the Giddeon Ballroom in Pacifica Heights last night, interrupting a birthday celebration for one of Pacifica City’s City Councillors.  The attack, happening a little after nine pm last night, was thwarted in no small part to the presence of the city’s superhero team The Protectors, who happened to be on hand to provide extra security for the event.  Two people are reported dead after the incident, with twenty-three others suffering injury from the attack.  Three of the attackers are in serious condition after fighting with the Protectors.
Some witnesses believe the attack was perpetrated by a woman, seen at the scene dressed in black spandex who was seen being escorted off the scene by The Protectors.  No details have been released on the identity of this woman.
While the police had very little to say on the attack, they did confirm that several of the attackers in custody were known to police, and that based on witness accounts and a quick sweep of the scene, they believe that at least four others outside of the ballroom escaped before police arrived.
Said PCPD spokeswoman Cathy Remmington “it is unknown at this time whether this attack is linked to the attack at the Jade Palace Hotel and Casino earlier tonight, but police are looking into the matter.  As always, we cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.”
Anyone with information on the attacks is encouraged to call the PCPD.


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