Violent Attack At Jade Palace Casino Leaves Seven Dead

Violent Attack At Jade Palace Casino Leaves Seven Dead (Pacifica Times)
By Jason Ogawa

A violent attack early last night on the popular downtown casino and hotel known as The Jade Palace, left seven dead and nearly a dozen others injured, after armed gunmen barged onto the gambling floor and began shooting at customers and employees.  While the hotel’s private security responded swiftly to the attack, helping to guide trapped customers off the floor and engaging with the gunmen before police arrived, the gunmen seemed eager to cause as much carnage and damage as they could.
Said witness Kevin Tracy, “they came in and just started shooting people, they didn’t seem to care who.  Security, staff, customers like me.  There was one guy who was only shooting women.  Shooting and laughing.”
A swift arrival by the Pacifica City Police resulted in a brief shootout with the attackers, leaving two of the six in critical condition, and arrests for three others.  One attacker is believed to have escaped.
While hotel owner Ming Yuewei was unavailable for comment, her media relations department sent us the following:  “We at the Jade Palace Hotel and Casino are appalled by the violence that has occured in our building.  We are in grieving for the customers and staff who lost their lives to this tragic event, and remain hopefull that those injured will recover swiftly.  Ms. Ming has already been in contact with the local police and we are co-operating fully with the investigation, and working to bring swift justice to those responsible.”
Some are suggesting that this is the latest in a growing set of attacks related to gang violence in Pacifica, but so far police have refused to comment on the situation.
PCPD Spokeswoman Cathy Remmington responded to the concern, saying “while several of the individuals arrested tonight are known to police, we have no evidence to suggest at this time that there is an active, escilating or otherwise, dispute between the major criminal organizations of the city.”
“While there certainly have been some unusual incedents in the past two weeks involving people known to police, we have been expecting a small rise in crime as a response to the Protectors involvement.  We do of course want to caution the public that if you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the police right away.”
Anyone with information on the shooting at the Jade Palace is asked to call the PCPD right away, or dial 911 in an emergency.


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