Protectors Pages: Sirocco

Protectors Pages: Sirocco (Bowden Island Gazette)
By Sarah Wellerton, Gazette Staff

This week’s Protectors Pages is dedicated to the most present Protector, Sirocco.  In the past few weeks, the Protectors have had four encounters, successfully stopping criminals, powered and normal alike.  Of all the Protectors,  Sirocco has been present for every fight, taking down villans with ease and grace.  Able to somehow control sand and glass, she utilizes her “sandstorm” technique to blind and incapacitate criminals by creating a sweeping bubble of sand around herself.   While some critics have condemned some of her more violent and gruesome uses of her powers, this Sandstorm-in-bottle has been unapologetic, rising to face the forces of evil again and again.
Speculation abounds about her origins, however some sources have indicated the woman behind the mask is North African, possibly hailling from Morocco or possibly Tunisia. While this has created some fervor over the possibility of America’s first Muslim superhero,  neither Sirocco or the Protectors’ handler Alexander Sukis have made comment on her religious or spiritual inclinations.
Patel Ghomeshi, a professor of Anthropology the University of Pacifica, and specializing in how the Mutant Eruption has affected society, had this to say when interviewed earlier this week:
“What faith Sirocco has, what her beliefs about god are, these are’t the things we should be looking at. Nobody cares if there’s a Hindu, or Athiest, or even Buddhist superhero,  so why does it matter if she, or any other hero for that mater, is Muslim?  It doesn’t.  What matters is that she’s here now, in our city, in our country,  standing up against indecency and injustice.  You don’t have to believe in a god to do that.”
Police Commissioner Raymond Bradley said he “can’t support her removal of limbs and body parts”, but went on to point out that successful medical treatment to the criminals that the Protectors have fought has resulted in no permanent amputations.  Mayor Keller has stood in support of Sirocco and the other Protectors saying “if criminals don’t want to be beat up, they shouldn’t fight the Protectors, and more to the point, they shouldn’t commit crime.”
In the mean time, we here at the gazette look forward to seeing more of Sirocco in the days and months to come.


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