Late-night Shootout At Old Bowden Island Port

Late Night Shootout At Old Bowden Island Port (Pacifica City Times)
By Judith Kaltrow

Reports of gunfire from the old Bowden Island Port led police to the discovery of what authorities have described as “a clear indication of gang violence”.  According to Bowden Island Police spokesman Lee Andrews, when police arrived on the scene, there was evidence of gun fire, two damaged vehicles and at least a half-dozen dead bodies.  The Pacifica City Organized Crime Unit has been notified and assumed control of the case. Police have said that all of the deceased are known to Police, but that they could not comment any further on an ongoing investigation.
While the port was officially closed and decommissioned in 2003, police have suspected the port has been recently to bring in illegal firearms and drugs into the city.  The Times reached out to both the Trapper Bay and Harbor-front Port Authorities for a comment on the illegal trade. At the time of printing, The Trapper Bay Port Authority had not returned our inquiry.  The Harbor-front Port Authority said they had already reached out to the OCU, and were cooperating with police,  and had initiated their own internal review and investigation of the mater.
This incident is the latest in an increase in inter-gang violence in the city, and many locals are concerned that an all-out gang war is imminent.  The PCPD and the BIPD would not comment on this matter.


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