Blackjack Involved In Old Port Shootout

Blackjack Involved In Old Port Shootout (Bowden Island Gazette)
By Walter Mathews
The vigilante known locally as Blackout was involved with last night’s gang shooting at the old Bowden Island Port, according to private sources.  According to the witnesses, unknown assailants interrupted a transaction between the Bowden Island Movement,  the local street gang, and the Iron Dragon Triad, who reportedly operate out of Chinatown. During the firefight, Blackjack was seen attacking the unknown assailants and later used his powers to flip one of the escaping cars.  The witness reports that after an altercation with one of the Triad members who escaped the car, both men fled as police arrived on the scene.
Police have remained silent as to whether or not evidence of Blackjack’s involvement was found, however visual examination of the scene by this reporter found many corroborating elements.  If this is indeed true, it would suggest that the dark menace has begun to involve himself in more than just the goings-on of Bowden Island, and may result in more frequent sightings.
As always, the Gazette is willing to offer a reward for information on the activities of Blackjack, and has a standing offer of $10,000 to anyone who can provide positive identification or information that leads to an arrest of the man known as Blackjack.  Sources can report to the Gazette at 555-6732, or our email us at


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