New Captain Danger Movie Promises To Be Best Of Series

New Captain Danger Movie Promises To Be Best Of Series (Pacifica City Times, AP)
By Tony Lee

Captain Danger is once again gracing the Silver Screen, returning this Friday to theatres everywhere in the latest addition to the movie franchise,  Captain Danger: Danger-US.  The fourth movie in the series, being driven by stuntman-turned-actor Matt Helmsley, this installment of the popular action series follows Captain Danger, a genetically enhanced human with incredible strength and agility, as well as remarkable regeneration ability, as he tracks down a deadly new terrorist organization, born right here in the US.  This new group, calling itself Behemoth, threatens to destroy the American way of life and throw the world into chaos.
As cliche as this plot sounds, the story is executed with surprising precision, depth of character and of couse, unforgettable action sequences.
Calling on Brian Burton, the director of both Dark Hunter movies, this Captain Danger presents a grittier, close-shot film, highlighting not just the skilled fight scenes, but also providing a showcase for Helmsley’s nuanced portrayal of the aging hero.  By scaling back on the big special effects that many critics complained about in the last film, Burton’s Captain is a hero without the gimmicks, the toys and weapons that became a common part of later films.  This Captain Danger is a man struggling to rediscover his own roots.  At one point, following a particularly well-thought out and poignant plot-twist, the Captain quips that “getting old isn’t about skin wrinkling, or eyesight fading, it’s about getting too tired to deal with who you’ve lost.”
Acting opposite Riley O’Conner, most recognizable for her portrayal of pharmacist Rene Weston on HBO’s “Undead Rising”, and Bill Gustavsson who is reprising his role as Captain Danger’s government handler, George Tellery, Helmsley brings all his acting chops to bear on this complex and sophisticated addition to the Captain Danger story.
This excellent storytelling and wonderful dialogue is thanks in large part to scriptwriters Wilson Rhund and Derek Eisley.  While Rhund co-wrote the first two Captain Danger movies, Derek Eisley has recently come from writing CBS’s small town crime drama “Temperance”.  Bringing that same edginess and tense dialogue to the Captain Danger series, Rhund and Eisley have conspired to make a truly epic film that will easilly stand as the best in the series.
Finally, an energized and complex musical score by Ren Kendrick, keeps all the movie’s action vibrant, its drama tense and makes the Captain’s sense of loss truly palpable.   In one scene, Captain Danger takes out the lights changing himself and the thugs he’s facing into dimly lit shadows. What was previously mistaken as background music soon becomes the sound of combat, as the music replaces the visuals for the fight. A steady bass rythym sets the pacing as drumming replaces the sound of fists and feet connecting with ribs and faces. At one point someone gets a hold of an automatic rifle, and amidst the muzzle flash and symbol crashing, the Captain takes a hail of bullets before ending the whole thing with one last tap of the drum.
Overall an amazing movie that I look forward to seeing again and again this summer, and has earned a very solid four and a half stars from me.  Captain Danger: Danger-US hits theaters this Friday, and is rated PG-14.


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