Protectors Showdown Ends Police Standoff

Protectors Showdown Ends Police Standoff (Pacifica News Channel 14)
(Footage from a helicopter shows a man with four arms, and a ratty leather coat shooting at a police barricade along the streets. A handfull of of thugs hide behind several vehicles firing back at police.)
VO (Jackie Straus): A group of people attemped to set fire to a collection of buildings early this morning, and entered into a shootout with Pacifica City Police when authorities attempted to stop them.
(Footage shows the Four-armed man firing at the police, and then taking several bullets center-mass. He seems unphased and continues firing.)
VO continues: After realizing that police were dealing with a mutant threat, the city’s new superhero team, The Protectors were called in.
(Footage of Doppler sonic blasting several of the enemies, and Sirroco sand blasting several other opponents).
VO continues: After some initial setbacks…
(The footage shows Doppler being picked up by the Four-armed man and then being thrown into the air at Sirocco who is hovering above them.  Sirroco and Doppler crash to the ground.)
VO continues: … the Protectors quickly took control of the situation,  and with their help Police were able to apprehend the Four-Armed Man.
(Footage shows the Police loading the Four-armed Man into a metahuman transport, in cuffs.)
VO continues: Back to you Tom.


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