Glass with Class

Glass With Class (Pacifica City Times) by Alecia Carnarvon
As an arts reporter, it’s part of my job to seek out new galleries and art exhibits. So, when I was told about a new artist in Pacifica City, I was initially reluctant to go. I’ve gone to a lot of shows in the three years that I’ve been working as an arts reporter for the PC Times, and only a handful of them have been truly something to report back on.
All of that said, after walking in the door of the PuR ArT Gallery in Brasstown, I was instantly relieved that I did go.  Not only was the gala itself an exceptionally well thought out and organized event, but the art showcase itself was spectacular.  “Lost In The Sands” is an exhibit showcasing the glass sculpture and stained glass works of Yasmine Anippe, newly arrived from Egypt. Each piece was carefully matched with a lighting display that illuminated the small gallery, and highlighted the flawless works.  Using special techniques taught to her by her father and grandfather, Ms. Anippe’s glass work shows no signs of color bleeding or unwanted mixing, and a vibrancy rarely seen in modern glasswork.  Each of her sculptures catches a depth of emotion and scope of movement that leaves the audience waiting for the glass to jump to life.  Meanwhile,  her stained glass hangings shimmer and glow, a complex array of tones and shades that is rarely so masterfully captured in such a challenging medium as glass.
My favorite piece is entitled Sands of Time, a beautiful sculpture of two figures trapped in an hour glass, one above and one below.  Watching the beautiful piece, one can almost see the grains of sand falling upon the poor soul trapped in the bottom, while the top person pleads desperately for their lost friend.  It is exactly this sense of motion captured and agonizingly released that gives Ms. Anippe’s work such a marvelous depth of intensity, and I for one am certainly looking forward to her next gallery.
Lost In The Sands runs until July 7th at the PuR ArT Gallery, 1763 Donaldson Street in Brasstown.


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