New to the Gazette! Protector Pages!

New to the Gazette!  Protector Pages! (Bowden Island Gazette)
By Olsen Owlsley, editor-in-chief

We here at the Gazette have been following super-powered individuals for years.  Most recently our attentions have been largely focused on the vigilante known as Blackjack, and while I promise you that our staff are still dedicated to the capture of that violent maniac, we here at the Bowden Island Gazette have more exciting news for the time being.
As of today, every issue of the Bowden Island Gazette will now include two pages on the events of Pacifica City’s new super-powered saviours: The Protectors.  We have been working hard with the Protectors Initiative staff to bring you not only the finest in updates about their activities, but also give you a glimpse into their personal lives.  We will be getting the scoop from witnesses, friends and coworkers and even a few Up-Close-And-Personal interviews with our star interviewer Lisa Lauren.  For safety reasons, we cannot divulge the identities of these wonderful heroes, but we can promise the juiciest bits of gossip about them them.  So, for now, enjoy a recap of their most recent activities in the city on pages 5-6 of this week’s Gazette, and look for more news about the Protectors in the weeks to come.  We here at the Gazette are as excited to bring you this information as we know you are about reading.


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