Protectors Break-Up Gun Fight Outside Downtown

Protectors Break-Up Gun Fight Outside Downtown (AP, Pacifica City Times)
By Judith Kaltrow

A gun fight broke out early last night when unidentified armed men attacked a transport connected to Advanced Bio-Techologies last night.  Witnesses near the scene describe seeing a burning car in the road, which halted the transport truck and its two escorts.  Moments later, individuals began firing at the convoy, apparently in hopes of gaining access to the contents of the transport. Moments later, Protectors members Sirrocco and Glitch arrived on scene and dealt with the armed attackers.  According to authorities, the escort team have all suffered injuries as a result of the attack, with five listed as being in critical condition.  When police arrived, they discovered that the assailants had all been incapacitated by the Protectors.  While most of them suffered minor injuries as a result of the fight, two are listed as being in serious condition.
ABT spokesman Dave Hollaster said none of the contents were stolen, and everything was being returned to ABT research facilities for testing to ensure that nothing was damaged.  Mr. Hollaster would not speak on what it was that was being transported, other than to say it was “important research, and an incomplete prototype.”
Authorities have not released information on the attackers.


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