Police Issue Alert: Seelie Faraday

Police Issue Amber Alert: Seelie Faraday (AP, Pacifica City Times)
by Kasey DelRio

Police issued an alert this morning after the disappearance of eight year old Seelie Faraday from his home in Pacifica Heights.  According to authorities, the boy was reported missing from his room when his father, Kyle Faraday, came to check on the boy after hearing strange sounds from the room.  By the time the father arrived, the boy was gone.
According to FBI agent Tom Lewis, authorities are treating this as a “suspicious case`, and that all signs currently point to the boy being unharmed.  In accordance with kidnapping protocols, Agent Lewis would not comment further on the investigation.
This marks the fifth child to go missing from their home in the past year, however authorities have so far refused to comment, with PCPD spokeswoman Cathy Remmington saying “the investigation is ongoing, and that Federal Authorities have control of the cases.”  The last child to go missing was six-year old Daisy Valhousie of West Pacifica, three months ago.
According to investigators, Seelie Faraday is described as being three and a half feet tall, approximately 56 lbs, with a blonde buzz cut.  He was last seen wearing a matching blue and black Star Wars pajama pants and shirt.  Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the FBI Alert tip line at 1-877-555-3132.


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