Pacifica City Gets New Superhero Team

Pacifica City gets new superhero team. (AP, Pacifica City Times)
By Judith Kaltrow
It seems as though Pacifica City will be joining the ranks of other cities around the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London, cities known for their crime, but also their crime prevention. As of this morning, Pacifica City has its own team of superheroes.
Making their first public appearance as a unit, the Protectors debuted against two well known fixtures of the Pacfica crime world, Twister (aka Max Bishop) and his new accomplice Hardcore (aka Carl Jameson Moyen) in a surprisingly contained mini-brawl on Jasper Street near downtown. After establishing a small barricade on the street the villains were at a standoff with police until the Protectors arrived. Smooth deployment and a stunning display of skills and organization ensured that both Hardcore and Twister were dealt with promptly with surprisingly little damage to the surrounding area. While two members of the team appeared to take injuries from a grenade attack, Advanced Bio-technologies spokesman Alexander Sukis assured the press all members were safe and would be making further appearances soon.
“The Protectors are all recovering nicely, and will be back in action soon enough.” commented Sukis.
Sukis, and his company are apparently working in tandem with both city police and government officials in what is being heralded as America’s first officially sanctioned superhero team.
Sanctioned teams such as the Protectors are not unheard of across the world, such as Japan’s Super Samurai Squad, China’s Public Safety Teams in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, and Britain’s Red Coats. However, in the past, America’s government has been hesitant to associate itself with the superhero teams within its’ borders, for fear of public outcry.
While historically, groups such as LA’s Angel Core, and New York’s Civilian Defense League have had mixed reactions from the public, Sukis is confident that the Protectors will be welcomed. Many anti-superhero protestors argue that encouraging such behaviour will only result in further damage to properties and endanger civilian residents.
“Every member of the Protectors has been hand-picked, and trained to minimize damage to property and civilians. While we recognize that there is some damage we cannot prevent, out number one goal is to protect the people of this city, physically, and financially.” Sukis added confidently.
While the part of Jasper Street where the brawl occurred did suffer from minor damages to the road and some serious damages to two nearby buildings and a trio of vehicles, none of these damages were incurred by the Protectors themselves, and other than those involved in the brawl, there were no civilian casualties.


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